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December 2014

On Knitting

I knit because I love it. Knitting makes me happy. It is the simple truth.

Over the years, I have become a more obsessive knitter. My passion for the art has blossomed with time. In a way, this makes sense. Over the past 18 years as a knitter (my, so many years!), I have gotten bolder and more experienced, becoming more accomplished with my craft and nurturing a desire to pursue it with purpose, even professionally.

I admit I harbor some regret that I did not realize my love for knitting earlier, when I was younger and without husband or child…when I had the luxury of all the time in the world and I could have knitted sweaters a thousand times over…even yarn bombed an entire neighborhood block. I could have opened the Little Yarn Shop in our small town before someone else beat me to the idea—before I even realized it was a good idea, and I missed the boat.

But alas. Here we are. Today.

Welcome to This Knitted Life.

This very busy, overwhelmed, often joyous, full, knitted life.

Finally I have squeezed out the time to draft the first post for a new blog I have aspired to start for six months now, maybe longer. Because in addition to knitting, I love to write. So many aspirations for one little life.

It may take me a while to get this site up and running, so please stick with me. I apologize in advance for the fits of stop-and-go that may be an unfortunate reality.

I knit for so many reasons. I love the feel of the fibers. And all the colors! The squish. The softness. Knitting a garment is just an excuse to get to squeeze cool yarn. I love the art of knitting—to create. The process: to start with a simple thread of yarn and end with Something that did not previously exist.

Something marvelous.

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