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January 2015

A Chair to Knit In

Virginia Woolf said every woman needs a room of her own.

True that.

More so, every knitter needs a chair (or sofa) to knit in. A good one–a chair that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and brings you to your happy spot.


I have a favorite knitting nook at home, which I will save for sharing in another post. These past several weeks visiting Hawaii, our rental vacation home has a particularly sunny chair that I will dearly miss when our trip ends. The room is wall to wall windows on all sides, and I just can’t get enough.

It’s my dream in life to live in a glass house. My husband, on the other hand, would rather live in a cave. We’re good that way.


I am solar powered.

If it isn’t sunny, I am probably in a piss poor mood.

As in, give me chocolate or get the hek out of my way.

Or else.

But when it’s sunny, I am all sunshine and roses. Anything is possible. I soak it in with my very being. I am my best self. All I want to do is make a killer cocktail, buy a lottery ticket, and hope for the best.

That, in a nutshell, is why I loathe winter. Not only is it cold, but it is dark.

I digress.

DSC_0067Currently on the needles in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light (Golden Hickory colorway): a new cowl pattern I am developing based on the Twist Shawl I recently released. I have a hunch I may need to do a second modified version, which is common with my design development process. The edges are rolling more than I had hoped. Rolled edges are a pet peeve of mine.

Basically it’s rolled edges, coworkers wheezing at the office, people who publicly spit tobacco chew into a bottle (gross!), and long lines at the grocery story that get my goat. Among other things.

I am eager to block it when I get home and see if the slight rolling is improved.

Rarely am I so lucky.

On the bright side, I love the colorway. I love all those spice-colored pigments. Turmeric meets coriander meets cumin.

Or something like that.

In the meantime, it’s nap time around that parts, which means I have the All Clear to go sit in that chair and try to wrap up my project.


On Finding Time to Knit

I have a toddler.

‘Nough said.

This is what I want to know: how do people with young children find time to knit?

Is it acceptable to lock a toddler in the closet so mommy can knit?

Yeah, probably not.

Actually, definitely not.

Do you knit while your children plays and encourage them to be independent while you are knitting? Or do you just abstain from knitting while they are up and about and in your care?

For me, it is the later. I have not really tried knitting while my child is awake. Finding time to knit is a challenge. I typically have more design ideas than I can keep up with, not to mention the long queue of projects from other designers that I am dying to tackle.

If it is a work day, my only shot at knitting is at night, after my child falls asleep. Sometimes this is after 9:00 (commence side discussion on how to get toddler to sleep before 8:00). By then, I often fall asleep snuggling my child, outwitted as I wait for him to drift off before getting back up myself to tidy the house and then knit in front of the TV. Half of the time, I am simply too exhausted to knit, even if I do survive the bedtime snuggle.

Even stockinette.

My preferred time for knitting is nap time. This happens several times a week on days off when I get in a precious hour or two of knitting time during actual day light hours when my brain is more capable of activities such as math and pattern development. This assumes I do not have to work from home (prioritized during nap time), prepare something for dinner, or some other more pressing chore.

Basically I get in ten hours of knitting time a week, on average. Not nearly enough.

What is a girl to do?

Hawaii Knitting

Oh how I suffer.

I am in Hawaii at present. The Big Island. The “rainy” side. It must be a drought, as I’ve seen only a few drops of precipitation.

Surely I just jinxed myself. It will now proceed to pour for the balance of our trip.

I am knitting another Twist Shawl. I loved my original so much, but alas it was destined to be a (late!) holiday gift for a family member.

My only choice: knit another! Just for me.
IMG_1316.JPGThe original Twist Shawl was knit with a fingering weight yarn. I am using something heavier now (Madelinetosh something or other…I am guessing Sport or DK…alas the tag did not make the trip, and the yarn has been in my stash for a couple of years now so of course I simply do not recall).

The heavier yarn has a different feel, but I like it. It feels like I am knitting up winter even though I am basking in 80 degrees like a turtle. I expect to wrap this baby up tonight but will wait to block and pin when I get home. Hopefully a new shawl will soften the blow of arriving home to rain, snow, and cold.

But I doubt it.

I think I will just stay here forever.

Have I mentioned yet it’s my dream to move to Hawaii and open a Little Yarn Shop?


More on that later…

Pattern Release: Twist Shawl

The Twist Shawl is the first pattern I have officially released on this new blog. It is also my favorite pattern I have designed to date. I am so proud of the finished product and truly feel good about sharing this design with fellow knitters. The pattern can be found in my Ravelry store as well as my Etsy store.


I love this pattern for so many reasons. It is simple yet striking and starts with casting on just six stitches. I tend to grumble when I have to cast on zillions of stitches. Although, I am a grumbler in general, so that might not be saying much.


Essentially this pattern is knit in stockinette with rows of twists every ten stitches created by transferring stitches onto a double pointed needle and rotating. Easy peasy! Yet sexy. All your friends will be AMAZED at your talent, and all the while you’ll be thinking: but it was so easy…if only you knew!


Edges are finished as you knit with a simple yet polished slip stitch edge.


I knit this version of Twist with Madeline Tosh Merino Light in the Opaline colorway. I had a skein and a half leftover from my version of Featherweight that I knit last summer, so I decided to put it to use with this design. Twist is flexible and can be knit with various yarn weight/needle combinations. The number of pattern repeats can also be adjusted to create a finished garment that is sized as desired.

Happy knitting!

Twist Shawl

Better Late Than Never

I had planned to knit this hat for my father. Last Christmas.

No, not LAST Christmas, as in the holiday recently celebrated a couple of weeks ago.

The Christmas before LAST Christmas.

Like, in 2013.

Sorry, Dad.

I got a little behind in life. The yarn was purchased on time. It’s been in my stash for a couple of years. I even somehow managed to lose the label, so I am unable to share its pedigree. It actually felt a little bit like a cotton blend, which surprised me. Current Me would never buy a cotton blend for a winter hat. Apparently my brain was different in 2013. Very different.

Dad said, “Knit me a green hat.”

Here you go dad.


It might be a little big, although I did swatch. I swear. I didn’t use a pattern. I just made up some random purls in my knitted rows for a bit of texture…nothing that could ever be replicated. It’s a one of a kind hat, all right. I feared I would not have enough yarn for 60% of the project (Classic me…worry for no reason). I clearly did have enough yarn for this probably-too-big hat. Plus a little left over.

If I start now, I just might get to the Christmas 2015 hat before it turns into 2017.


Needle: Size 10

Yarn: Gulp. Lost the tag! Mystery.

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