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July 2015

Lessons From Sweater Seaming

Lessons from Sweater Seaming. (AKA how not to seam your sweater.)

After spending four hours seaming Dolores, I realized how valuable it is to always follow these important techniques:

  1. Make sure the back side is EXACTLY the same length as the front side.

Whoops.Lessons from sweater seaming. AKA how NOT to seam your sweater.

  1. Do not seam your sweater while sharing an entire bottle of chilled white wine with a girlfriend by the pool.

Double whoops.

  1. Do not seam sweater while your sopping wet hair is dripping all over your yarn (see #2 above…just got out of the pool…), thereby preemptively blocking/felting sweater as you seam. #hugepain

Uh, triple whoops?

  1. Align increases and decreases from the front and back edges of work.

They were supposed to be in the same places?

  1. Only knit seamless sweater patterns. Seaming is a huge pain.

Now it all makes sense.

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