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August 2015

Giveaway! Classic Elite Villa


This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all for participating, and thank you to Classic Elite Yarns for providing the prizes. The winners have been contacted and should be receiving their yarn later this week.

Yarn enthusiasts behold!

I have not been abashed in sharing my great experience working with Classic Elite Villa, a silky soft alpaca-bamboo blend. I used the Emerald color way for my Dolores.

The generous folks over at Classic Elite Yarns have been kind enough to provide three skeins of Classic Elite Villa to share with three lucky winners–one skein each in Dusty Rose, Amethyst, and Clear Sky.

These three colors look gorgeous together. I don’t know why I don’t do more (any) color work. I really need to get on that. Throw a little Emerald in the mix, and BAM! One could really do something amazing with this pallet.

If you are going through more of a neutral, natural phase, fear not. The same alpaca-bamboo blend is available with Class Elite Vail in phenomenal earth tone colorways.

I almost succumbed and spontaneously purchased a bunch of Vail during my last trip to the local LYS. Thankfully I found the tiniest inkling of self-restraint and resisted the urge.


I want to extend my most sincere thank you to Classic Elite Yarns in sharing their lovely yarn with This Knitted Life readers. Sign up for their weekly free web letter here!

This giveaway will close at midnight, PST, Friday, August 14th, 2015. One entry per person, please. Simply comment below to win. Shipping is limited to US and Canada only. Three lucky winners will win one skein each.

Good luck and happy knitting!

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Christmas in August

I hear sleigh bells ringing! Snowflakes glistening!

Oh wait. It’s not the holiday season. It’s just the day my yarn order arrived in the mail from WEBS.

Because I am so smitten with Madelinetosh Tosh Merino light, I want to try the other Madelinetosh bases for some design projects I am itching to get to soon. I also aspire to knit my very first pair of socks. I am so inspired by all the gorgeous socks I see in the knitting blogosphere (we are so amazing that we have our own special realm in the universe…) and try my own. Perhaps I will also take to the specific knitting niche of sock knitting. You just never know. For my first socks, I chose Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Shire.

I also succumbed to Madelinetosh Pasmina in Kitten, Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Fallen Cloud, and Madelinetosh Pasmina Worsted in Well Water for some small design projects I have sketched out. The Pashmina Worsted is on clearance, and I am really tempted to make a second order and grab the rest of the Well Water colorway. The color is just beautiful, and of course the yarn is so very soft with that bit of cashmere in the mix. I was very drawn to a soft grey palette for my design work.

We shall see what comes!

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From My Grandma’s Stash

My grandma was a knitter. Obsessive, like me. Now in her 80s, her hands have failed her. They are arthritic and painful, and she no longer knits. I recall her teaching me to knit as a young girl. I have a blurry memory of a multi-colored skein of acrylic and lots of messy stiches.

I lived far from my grandma, and her knitting lessons never stuck. It wasn’t until years later that I again picked up the art, taught by a friend while traveling through Mexico. Despite our shared obsession, my grandma and I never had much of a chance to knit together. The thought of this loss of potential…hours we could have spent together knitting but never did…saddens me.

Some years ago, I ended up with a chunk of my grandma’s stash and a substantial collection of old issues of Vogue Knitting. All this time, it has been sitting in my hall closet. Alone.

To be honest, her destashed yarn hasn’t had much appeal to me. It isn’t what I would have chosen, but it has merit. I found myself between large undertakings over the weekend and picked up a skein of Fantacia Cin Cin. The label reads textured yarn from Italy, and it is a cottom synthetic blend in 50 g skeins. I thought at one time there might be enough for a tank, but I doubt there is. I think it might be decades old, but I am not entirely sure of its precise age or even its original purpose.

It is a nubbly yarn. Very textured. I am making a head band of sorts to wrap around my frizzy hair on those mornings when I must be out and about before showering and desire to hide my untidied hair from the world. It will be my own design. I will think of my grandma with each stitch.

This week I am participating in the Small Things Yarn Along with Ginny. Check it out.  I am just starting to read a bunch of parenting books…

Life Dispatch Vol. 2: August Bucket List

August. That final full month of summer. The last chance to get it all in. It’s cram time, knitters. Go big or go home.

In August, I want to be the best mom ever. I want to be patient and fun…Teach Reed his letters instead of letting him sneak in another episode of Paw Patrol just so I can get a few extra rows in. I want to take him to the river and let him dig in the sand to his heart’s content…maybe squeeze in one more camping trip even though they are so much work. I think I might be getting too old to sleep in a tent (is that possible?)

I want to spend time on the porch, after dark, looking up at the stars, just breathing. Being still. Not my strong suite.

Fresh flowers. I want to harvest my beloved zinnias and stick them in vases all over my house, which I will then refresh each week instead of letting the decaying flower carcasses linger about on the kitchen table like that is a normal thing to do. (Of course I have never before done that in my life!)

August will be my month to finish Waterlily and Kitty’s Chemise…and start a few patterns of my own for a winter line. Smaller projects. I had been hoping to get some new pattern designs out for fall, but who am I kidding. Fall is like…tomorrow! There is a reason Vogue Knitting sent out their Early Fall issue more than a month ago: they are far more organized than I am!

Also on the list: I want to get up early and jog while it is still cool. For the sake of exercise and time to myself…so I don’t feel too terribly guilty when I am sitting there knitting all of those hours, moving not an inch.

Happy hour! I want to make more cocktails. I told myself this would be the summer I would bring back happy hour. I have failed big time, although my lingering summer cold hasn’t helped. Cocktails just don’t sound good when I am leaking buckets of snot. Soon. Cocktails coming in abundance (but not too abundantly!) any day now. I hope. There is still time for redemption.

What’s on your August bucket list?


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