My 2016 Knitting Bucket List of Must-Knits!

My 2016 knitting bucket list

As I wrap up my final stitches on my holiday knits, I promise myself I will never knit socks for Christmas gifts again amidst a barrage of under-breath-muttered profanity, tense neck muscles, and dark thoughts, calmly allow my mind to wander to the future with poise and patience not unlike a Buddhist monk. My next knitting chapter. The 2016 chapter. AKA the chapter where everything goes perfectly, not a stitch is dropped, nothing is frogged, and finished knits fly off my needles like chocolate flies into my mouth.

It will be perfect.

(Queue angels harking, thank you very much.)

Oh, and yarn companies will discover how fabulous I am and suddenly started sending me unsolicited, free yarn of the to-die-for variety. It will start appearing in droves in my post office box. We will have to build a climate-controlled addition to our house just to store it all.

Hey, a girl can hope.

In all seriousness, this is my 2016 Knitting Bucket List:

Finish What I Started in 2015

This includes the mate for my too-small blueberry waffle socks (pair Number Two), finishing my Waterlily Tee, and knitting the final installment from my 2015 Must-Knit list before moths eat the yarn I purchased especially for the project.

True, this will probably take me through the end of March. Apparently I am going nowhere in a hurry.


I must have been abducted by aliens and then returned to Earth in an altered state because I suddenly want a poncho. And not because they are seriously everywhere. That’s just a coincidence. I think.

I even tried one on at Target a couple months back but it was HUGE despite being (mis)labeled as a size small. So yes, suddenly I feel inspired to walk around in a knitted sack. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to the cause (one of my more active boards, no less).  My only strife will be to decide WHICH ONE to knit!!! I also see some design work in the future for ponchos. I aspire to come up with a pattern that works for petite frames (and others) so I can ware a (soft, fluffy, sexy) sack but not a sheet.


Related to my new wardrobe inclinations for pieces that are comfy, tunic patterns have also been catching my eye of late. Like a sweater. But longer. More stitches, yes. But…you can wear them with leggings, which have an elastic waist and thus do not complain when you ate too many chocolate brownies paired with too much Merlot. I have been pinning all lots of tunics to my Sweaters and Tops board.

Knit a Second Kitty’s Chemise (In the Correct Size)

I really liked the pattern for my Kitty’s Chemise. It used worsted weight yarn and thus knit up quick. Mine came out too small (unless I loose ten pounds, but…cough cough…let’s be honest: that’s not happening. Why diet and exercise when I can just knit a new one in the proper size?


This is a big one. I haven’t done any colorwork. None. At least none that I can remember. It’s time to put on my big girl knitting needles and Be Brave. I can do it.

A Toddler Sweater

I figure if I felt like Mom-of-the-Year for knitting Reed toddler socks, I will surely feel like Mom-of-the-Universe if I manage to knit him a toddler sweater. Basically I want to knit him one of every sweater in the Knittin Little Winter Collection. But I will probably pick just one. Although I might Be Brave and combine the project with my colorwork aspirations: colorwork toddler sweater. Ta-da!

Although this will inevitably lead to even more foul language when I botch the whole thing, failing on two counts. In the meantime, I will try to avoid self-deprecating thoughts and hope for the best. Stay positive, right?

Knit Everything in Home & Away

I promise to prattle on about this more another day.


I want to knit pretty much every pattern in Hannah Fettig’s  Home & Away: Knits for Everyday Adventures. Every. Stinking. Pattern.

home & away

For me, this is an ambitious list. REALLY AMBITIOUS. Especially on top of all the design work I aspire to complete. Not to mention all of the projects I will end up knitting that aren’t even on my list (yet!). I know they are out there.

Better to be ambitious and fall short then aimless and…well…aimless. Yes, my year will likely be filled with profanity, tears, and too much wine as a result. There’s worse things (sheep plague, moths, actual illness, poverty…).

I think I will be okay.

What’s on your knitting bucket list for the New Year?

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