2016: The Year That Flew…Patterns in Review!!!

Knitters! Sometimes I surprise even myself!  I actually managed to complete EIGHT!!! designs in 2016.

No wonder I’m so tired.

I had so much fun developing these patterns in new and fabulous yarns that I hardly ever (well, sometimes) felt like I was working!

I feel like my design quality improved this year, in part because I started using test knitters and a tech editor to really ensure these patterns actually turn out the way they are supposed to and the instructions are free of irritating errors. It has been well worth the extra effort.

In case you have newly discovered this quirky Little Land O’ Knitting over here and missed some of these pattern releases, I’ve got you covered!

(Don’t I always!?!?!)

Tulipland Scarf

Tulipland scarf by Andrea @ This Knitted Life. Knit horizontally!

Knitting scarves horizontally should be more of a thing! It’s so much easier than flipping and flipping and flipping. Is there such a thing as Flip-itis? I don’ t know if scarf knitting in general has lost its mojo to the thrill of shawl knitting, but if I knit or design another scarf, I will definitely go for the horizontal method. (Do you still knit scarves?!?!) Tulipland uses Swans Island Fingering, which is a great yarn at a fantastic value. I have a couple skeins of this stuff left in my stash that I plan to use for an upcoming tee, and I can’t wait!

Metamorphosis Cowl

Metamorphosis Cowl by Andrea @ This Knitted Life. Knit in the round!

I just might wear my Metamorphosis the most of all my knits from this past year. It’s just so versatile (and soft!). It was a delight to knit, and I was truly sad when it graduated from my needles. This was my first time working in Woolfolk’s Sno. Holy smokes. That’s some nice wool! I had fun melding a lace pattern with a simple geometric motif and would like to try mixing textures again in 2017. It’s tons of fun.

Linto Creek Cowl

Linto Creek Cowl by Andrea @ This Knitted Life. Knit in the round!

This was my one absolutely perfect design for 2016. This cowl totally behaves. It keeps its shape. There’s no rolling or anything weird. It’s just on point all the time. Plus it’s knit up in a yak/silk blend. SWOON. I have noticed my LYS has Lang Asia on sale this week, and I have been SO tempted to buy more even though I am really TRYING to work with all new yarns in 2017. This cowl is so jewel toned that I truly feel like a princess when I wear it. Next up: how to knit a crown…

Rainland Shawlette

Rainland Shawlette by Andrea @ This Knitted Life.

I knit Rainland twice in two different bases, and the pattern comes with instructions for both yarn weights (it’s a two-for-one!). This is the IDEAL knit for that one perfect skein that you treasure and want to showcase for the yarn itself. Rainland isn’t fancy, but it’s all you will ever need for working up Perfect Yarn. Sometimes simple is better.

Stormland Poncho

Stormland easy folded-style poncho by Andrea @ This Knitted Life.

This is the easiest, snuggliest, warmest, classiest folded-style poncho you’ll ever meet. It’s knit up in Malabrigo Worsted, which is AFFORDABLE (in my opinion). Stormland uses the twist stitch technique that has carried through several of my designs. (I have a shawl and a cowl that use a similar approach.) This knit has a lot of texture and simplicity (my preference) relative to how stress-free it is to knit.

Stoneland Poncho

Stoneland easy folded-style poncho by Andrea @ This Knitted Life.

I knit three grey ponchos this year, and Stoneland is probably the one I wear most. It’s super soft (100% alpaca!), fairly light (DK/sport weight), and it’s got that texture I love without being too frilly. It’s also a folded-style poncho design. I wear mine over a black long-sleeve tee All The Time. My coworkers and friends are probably sick of seeing me wear it all the time, but I just can’t help myself.

Trintara Hat

Trintara Hat by Andrea @ This Knitted Life.

I truly love this hat and want to knit more of them, especially a Man Version. I knit it with Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted, which is worth hunting for online (and still available if you Google), but any worsted weight yarn will work. It also has some cabling without being uber fancy (not my thing). I love the depth of this stitch pattern, and I didn’t block my final hat in order to protect the loft of the stitch. This was one of only two samples that I gifted this year, and I loved being able to pass it along to one of my absolute favorite friends who fell in love with the color. Gifting knitting to the appreciative is the absolute Best Thing Ever.

Ari’s Wish Baby Hat

Ari's Wish Baby Hat by Andrea @ This Knitted Life. Fingering weight yarn.

Of all my designs for 2016, this little pattern probably took the most effort wine/chocolate. Of course. It’s always the little things that get you. I love this lacy little bonnet for babes. I knit mine in Madeintosh Tosh Merino Light because I love that stuff and usually have enough scraps laying around for a baby hat. Any fingering weight yarn will work just fine, so head on over to your scrap stash and see what you can drum up. Ari’s Wish was actually a remake of one of my first patterns. I hope to continue going through my early catalog and refreshing/double checking those designs for re-releases in 2017. Keep your eyes out!

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who took a leap with me and purchased with one of these patterns. 2016 was a year of tremendous growth for me, and I couldn’t have done it without you. I have loved being able to offer new patterns at a discount (or even for free!) to my subscriber list.

Thanks, knitters! Mwah.

P.S. Happy Winter Solstice!

I hope to see you over at the Yarn Along this week. I am just starting to read This Must be The Place and am hopeful that I will like it. I also recently wrapped up The Wangs vs. The World and enjoyed it.

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