A Giveaway

Update: Giveaway ends 12:00 midnight Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, April 29th.

I spent the better part of my knitting weekend sewing a fabric lining into a knitted clutch I made from some sentimental but itchy wool I have been hauling around for the past zillion years.

I will post no photos of my work. I don’t need your pity. And pity it would be, I assure you.

The lesson I learned is this: an eight-year old can probably sew better than I can. Especially if they have attended a Montessori school where the curriculum emphasizes that kind of thing.

On the flip side, my sentimental but itchy yarn is now something useful. The Excedrin (my sixth food group.. ) in my purse will now have a new home.

And if anyone inquires, I will tell them the clutch was a gift from my little niece Zelda (between you and me, I have no such niece).  I have a whole story concoted about how it was the product of her fourth grade art project. Yada yada yada.


I have a giveaway today. I am cleaning out my stash. I am offering the lucky winner six skeins of Louisa Harding’s Merletto (six green and two pink). I knit with this yarn a lot and loved the bit of glimmer, although I think it is now discontinued.  To enter, simply leave a comment below. Please note I will not be able to do international shipping. Sadly the winner will thus have to be a US resident. Sorry.

Good luck!

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