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I would like to thank my mother, for never holding me back, letting me be me, and still wearing (with considerable frequency) one of the very first scarves I ever knit, back in 1997 (think: scratchy turquoise tweed yarn and the seed stitch). I would like to thank my LYS for stocking this skein of lace for under $10, in the most captivating of colors—too affordable and jewel toned to resist. I would like to thank my husband, who patiently watched his fishing show while I muttered and moaned on the sofa, unable to form even one complete sentence that actually made sense. I would like to thank my best knitting friend, who wisely warned me it might roll funny when I proudly announced my Great Plan to cut out two of the four lace repeats to reduce the frill factor as well as the number of decades it might require me to complete this project. I would like to thank my local library for generously providing me with one copy of Sock-Yarn Shawls II by Jen Lucas♦ , from which I arbitrary decided to knit Juniper because I wanted to learn how to do shaping for a short-row, smaller crescent shawl. (It took me under ten minutes to decide on the pattern, possibly a record.) I would NOT like to thank my adventurous, over-confident inner-knitting spirit for thinking it would be reasonably achievable to knit a perfectly lovely sock yarn shawl pattern in lace weight (albeit using larger needles) without losing my mind, planning my own funeral, and causing myself great anxiety thinking of all the other, more sensible*, less difficult**, and fantastically modern pursuits*** I could alternatively have underway. I would also NOT like to thank myself for NOT being a hoarder and instead suffering from some inner compulsion to knit random yarn I spontaneously bought and stuffed into my oddly small stash, heaven forbid it just sit in the hall closet indefinitely.

Oh, you thought I was done my with shawl?


I just spent three nights knitting eight rows, one every thirty minutes or so. That’s 2,792 stitches of lace. Averaging one mistake to haphazardly correct every 36 stitches. Yep. Lots of mistakes despite my extra-cautious snail pace.

I have already decided that if a bunch of stitches slide off the needles and explode into lace oblivion, I am not going to mount a rescue. I will instead burn the whole darn thing in effigy****. I’m not even sure a lifeline could save me now (although if I were smart, I would thread one in about now.)

*Not lace weight.

**Like that skein of Madelinetosh Pashmina DK that is equally in need of use.

***What on earth am I going to do with a lace weight shawl? It seems very Not Me.

****Surely if wool gets hot enough, it WILL burn.

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along. I just finished reading Original Sin: A Sally Sin Adventure♦, which I must admit I couldn’t put down. It actually cut into my knitting time over the weekend, more so than I care to admit. I highly recommend it for anyone who liked watching Alias, Covert Affairs, Nikita... and has survived life with young children.

Affiliate link. Thank you for being you! 

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