All About How I Wash My Knits

Because we are all secretly dying to know how everyone else does their laundry.

I’ll be honest. I’m pretty low-tech when it comes to blocking and hand washing my knits. As far as blocking goes, until recently, I’ve just soaked my finished knits in plain ol’ water.


Last winter, when I knit up my poncho, the pattern recommended adding essential oil to the soak. I thought this was brilliant and have being doing this regularly since. (In general, I have become an essential oil devotee of late, having recently purchased this handy diffuser. I have lavender or eucalyptus going At. All. Times. and am looking forward to splurging on new scents soon!)

I try to avoid washing my hand knits by simply keeping them clean and un-stinky, to the greatest extent possible. I wear my tops to work, come home, and take them off right away (before Reed gets me all sticky). Sadly this doesn’t always work, and I did have to wash my new Riverton tee last month. I have a tiny bit of Woolite left from a bottle I purchased over a decade ago (shows how often I hand wash my clothing…) and used that. The color bled like crazy!

Moving forward into modern times…

Graced by a lovely care package of Eucalan delicate wash, I decided to up my blocking game with my latest shawl design. I received a large bottle of Wrapture (the jasmine scent) and a handful of samples of their other delicious scents.

(Between the jasmine soak and my lavender essential oils, my house smells SO GOOD right now.)

Anyway, welcome to my kitchen…

I almost always soak my knits in the kitchen sink. It’s a good excuse to catch up on dishes and tidy up a bit. I fill up the basin with cold water, add my new wool wash (eep!), and soak away.

Now that I have proper wool wash, I feel like such an adult. I hope that isn’t too pathetic given the fact that I am nearing 40! What can I say. Some of our late bloomers.

I am so excited my sparkly white shawl is finally off the needles! It’s done with its jasmine soak and happily drying in the knitting room.

Wrapture, indeed.

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