And Here We Are

The final days of the year.


Nearly over.

My child. Newly four.

My hair. Increasingly grey.

I have never been a super crazy holiday person. I recall being irritated by Christmas songs even at a young age. The monotony of Jingle Bells getting on my nerves, practicing such simple lyrics over AND OVER again for grade school pageant preparation.

I don’t overly decorate our house. There is no wreath making party. No mantle for hanging holly. No mistletoe. We boast nothing more than  a simple tree decorated only with birds and a few modest snowflakes (…there were a few fish, but Reed broke them in his redecorating efforts…) and a menorah painstaking placed out of reach of fire hazards and Reed (tricky to find a qualifying location).

I do enjoy gifting but found it daunting this year, even the store bought variety. Unlike years past, I only gifted a couple pairs of socks that I had manged to knit up during the summer and tucked away. There was no frenzy of stitching. No sleepless nights for the last minute mittens.

Done that. Been there. No thanks.

I’m no grinch, but if there was a Grinch Assistant, I just might qualify.

Except for Reed.

Maybe it’s just that magical age, but Reed LOVED the holidays this year. Loved them! And not just for the pile of gifts tucked under the tree at an elevation not dissimilar to Mt. Everest (all for him) but because of cutting down the tree in the crisp, cold air with his dad before decorating his timbered haul, which he nearly did all on his own (as evidenced by all the birds hanging upside down on the branches instead of nestling atop the branches…). He repositioned each ornament just so NUMEROUS times, his exacting commentary endless throughout each maneuver.

And it wasn’t just the tree.

It was the lights, hung askew on all the houses, so magical to him while tacky to me.

It was the gingerbread house window stickers gifted to him (please no, I thought), which he precisely stuck to each and every window in the house, electing not to group them all onto a single window, as I had so wisely recommended. Instead he spread the joy evenly throughout the house, applying his finger prints to each and every window without discrimination.

Or the god-aweful elf hats (think: Santa hat with giant elf ears), one of which he proudly wore to his pre-school holiday concert. Reed: delighted. Me: wondering where in the heck I was going to hide those things after Christmas. (They are still splayed about his bedroom floor…)

You know the worse part of it all?

The Christmas music.

Now, think ill of me if you must, but I am that person that groans when I hear holiday music overtake the radio stations each December. I IMMEDIATELY change the station and find few things worse than those days right before Christmas when it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a carol-free station.

Reed, displaying a genetic variant clearly not from my own bloodline, LOVES Christmas music.

Emphatically so.

He quizzed us on the plot in Rudolph the Reindeer and demanded to know all the reindeer names (I had to Google…Cupid? Really? For a reindeer name?)

He requested it be played whenever I was listening to normal music. No mom. Play RUDOLPH.


And, as a testament to my love for his grimy little fingers, I played Rudolph. And barely even minded the intrusion into what might otherwise be considered a musical offense.

That’s the thing about a spark. It lights up everything around it.

As for knitting…well…

Reed’s little sweater is done. I still need to get photos for you guys! I made him wear it to our family holiday dinner on Monday, and he had a snag half as long as his arm in under an hour. I need to fix that! The good news is it fits and probably will fit for another year or so (room to grow but not too much room). I had a little issue with loosing a skein of yarn, but I will tell you about that later.

I’ve used the left over yarn to knit up a corresponding hat, which I plan to block tonight. I hope it fits. I reduced the number of cast on stitches at the last moment because it “looked too big” even though I had done the gauge math to the contrary. I should have stuck with my math. As always.

I finished a pair of socks and started another.

(All the photos are over on Instagram if you want to keep up…)

And I’m plotting. I was so focused on knitting Reed’s sweater that I hadn’t done much thinking about my next project. Although I think it will have lots of colors.

Because I am dreaming of a Bright New Year.

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