Ari’s Wish (Finally, Redemption!)



My name is Ari.

I live down the road from Reed, so he likes to play with my big brother a lot. I don’t mind. I find it fascinating to watch them run around like monkeys, screeching and making all kinds of racket. (Auntie Andrea seems less enthused about all the messes they make.) Reed’s okay, I guess. He really seems enthralled by me (young love, I know), although he always smiles like he’s really happy and calls me his “Little Moose.” I am not sure that is a good thing. For now, it works. Sometimes he tries to pick me up and carry me around by my neck when I cry if left behind (apparently he’s still learning the proper way to carry a baby…). I tell him NO THANKS, I’d rather crawl.

Ari's Wish baby hat pattern by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Once my mom had to go to the dentist and Auntie Andrea foolishly offered to look after me and my brother while my mom enjoyed her one hour of peace and quiet getting her cavity filled. Auntie told my mom to drop us off at her office and assumed she would just keep on working while I napped peacefully in my car seat and my brother watched cartoons on the Ipad.

Ha ha ha ha.

Boy was she amiss on that one. I woke up as soon as my mom walked out the door (like the VERY second).

I screamed the ENTIRE time my mom was gone. And I’ve got some lungs, let me tell you.

Auntie had to evacuate her office before her coworkers through a clot at as a result of the PHENOMENAL amount of noise I was generating from my itty bitty lungs, hauling little ol’ wailing me out the door STAT. We walked around the block at least ten times before I lost count.

On the bright side, my mom had a nice little break at the dentist’s office. I overheard them mumble something about motherhood and how it’s never easy. Hmmm.

Ari's Wish baby hat pattern by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Auntie told me to tell you she FINALLY finished up that baby hat she was reworking. You know, the one she screwed up the first time. (Yes, the one she was going to finish two months ago. She said something along the lines of slow and steady, or maybe it was just slow.)

She’s trying to make all right in the world, at least in the knit-universe. She said to say she reworked the pattern and had it reviewed by a tech editor. This time, it should work. If you subscribe to her blog, you just received a coupon code to download the pattern from Ravelry for FREE. Because she’s sorry and is trying to atone for her earlier knitting sins.

If you aren’t a subscriber and did not receive the coupon code but REALLY WANT this pattern (because it is awesome…seriously, look how cute I am! Eep!), you can find it on Ravelry here for a mere $4.00 USD.

Ari's Wish baby hat pattern by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Auntie also wanted me to pass on some basics about this pattern. She says it’s knit up in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light (Logwood colorway) because she LOVES that yarn and usually has enough laying around to suffice for a baby hat. The hat has the CUTEST faux-picot brim. You have to seam the brim for the faux-picot business, but it’s small and whips up lickity split. Plus, the brim doesn’t fold or roll, which Auntie can’t handle. And seriously, it’s so cute. Don’t I look like a little flower?

I thought so too.

Auntie says the pattern includes two sizes for brand new babies all the way up to a year or so.

Did I mention I turn one in less than a month? I’m not sure what I want for my birthday yet. So hard to decide.


Auntie’s doing some sort of Yarn Along business today, and she’s about to start reading Carl Hiaasen’s new novel, Razor Girl*. Auntie says she LOVES Carl and reads ALL of his books. They make her laugh.

*Affiliate link. Thank you for the support!

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