As Simple As They Come

Finally. No drama. Something worked.

Okay, a little bit of drama. There was one frogging (too short), one minor panic when I ran out of yarn on the cast off (I used my swatch and came out with a bit to spare), and one incident where I couldn’t find the kitchen scale to figure out how much handspun this baby requires (I borrowed a friends. She also provided wine. It worked out.)

Now, to be clear, I can’t take credit for this lovely handspun. Spinning isn’t my thing (yet). It’s from our friend Beth. I’ve mentioned her before a couple of times. She’s cool. She has sheep and heavy equipment. And motorcycles. I also hear she plays a mean game of golf, but I don’t golf so I couldn’t really attest to that bit. But I believe it.

This is a simple crescent shawl. My own little concoction in-the-works. It’s has a garter edge with a super duper basic stockinette middle (short-row shaping).

It’s all about the yarn, baby. No frills. Just sheep.A simple crescent-shaped shawlette knit with handspun yarn. This is a one skein wonder. I estimate it was 320 yards (293 m) on size 6 needles.A simple crescent-shaped shawlette knit with handspun yarn. Here’s the thing I can’t quite get over: I think I prefer the WRONG side. The purl side. I NEVER like the purl side. The color blends look more exciting to me on the wrong side though.

I guess this is what they mean by reversible?A simple crescent-shaped shawlette knit with handspun yarn. I actually wish I had knit the whole darn thing in garter. This isn’t my typical style, but I think garter is much more suited to the yarn and color transitions. I was a bit weary of doing short rows with garter, but now I know it’s possible.

So…I am on the hunt for more yarn. For an all-garter version. If anyone has a lead on something similar in someone’s random Etsy shop, please let me know in the comments. I’m looking for single ply with a gauge about 5 stitches/in on size 6 needles…Similar color variation. The yarn had a lot of texture, ranging from fat bits to super skinny bits.A simple crescent-shaped shawlette knit with handspun yarn.

Okay Internet, I’m counting on you. I need more yarn. Please deliver.

*P.S. There’s a new weekly chat up in my Ravelry Group. Join the fun if you haven’t already.

**P.P.S. Don’t forget. Olympic knitting fun starting in just a few weeks (or so). Details next week. Practice. Practice. Practice.

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