Best Fall TV for Knitting

Need something new to watch while you knit (craft, crochet, sew...)?

I have been watching so much fall TV while knitting lately. After months of nothing to watch, I simply can’t keep up on all my shows during stolen hours while Reed sleeps. Plus a I have been catching up on Netflix’s latest release of Homeland (finished two hats!), which I watch a season behind because I refuse to pay for Showtime or HBO.

I stayed up way too late last night finishing a binge of Empire Season 1. Now I am all set to continue with Season 2 alongside the rest of the world. And I almost have an entire fingerless mitt to show for it.

I haven’t been able to sleep past 5:00 or 6:00 each morning despite my late hours of tv consumption. Reed wakes me up with his foot jabs (yes, we still sleep together). Before I know it, my brain has turned on, fretting about this or that, and I can’t fall back asleep. Most tragic.

What am I watching while I knit, you wonder?

My favorite new show is Blindspot, although I am still a devoted Blacklist fan. Nashville. Of course. On Tuesdays when I have access to video streaming, I like to keep up with The Mindy Project on Hulu. Half hour comedies have never been my thing (apparently I have no sense of humor), but that particular show hooked me from the beginning. The other new show I am hooked on is Quantico, which among other things, makes me want better hair.

I also have a separate subset of shows I will watch with my husband, particularly The Voice and Hawaii 5-0. I will never tire of shows in tropical settings…I know I am seriously missing my calling to move to Hawaii!

I still record Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away Murder out of habit. Although I watch them last, if ever…not minding if I skip an episode here or there.

Too much tv! Gah!

Meanwhile, mornings here are nice and crisp, so I have been wearing this scarf. An oldy but goody knit a decade or more ago when Debbie Bliss was more en vogue. Back then, my knitting bravery and skill set was poor, and I pretty much just knit scarves. I remember making this one up on the fly. A simple ribbed pattern that happened to pair perfectly with the fabric and color blocking. It has held up pretty well over the years, considering the wear.

If only all my projects could turn out so well.

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