Best Shoes for Hand Knit Socks

The good news:  I finished these socks. This means there are now three pairs of hand knit socks roaming around my sock drawer.

Bad news: my shoe situation is shameful. It’s been years since I purchased non-sneakers. YEARS. Apparently I am not a footwear addict. I have a strong, loving relationship with my cobbler. But it’s time.

My conundrum: which shoes to buy? I think I have mused on this topic previously and received several comments that Keen shoes were tops to pair with hand knit socks. I hate to say it, but the Keen shoes just aren’t doing it for me (although I do own a couple of pairs of Keen boots).

For some reason, I have my head stuck on loafers. Even though I don’t own any. (And, can you wear loafers with socks? Or is that dorky?) Last week, I ordered these loafers from Amazon in the color black. They were affordable and had two-day free shipping.

Ick. Return. Some things just aren’t worth free shipping and affordable prices.

I want shoes that will compliment my knitted socks and not overly wear away at them. Is that too much to ask?

I also haphazardly started a Pinterest Board for shoes for hand knit socks…but I didn’t get too incredibly far. And note, none of the shoe models are wearing socks with the shoes! Very loafer based, and many styles out of my price range…The cheaper the better, although under $100 would be nice.

Typically my non-sneaker shoes that I wear to work have a bit of a heal to mitigate the fact that I am SHORT. Lengthens the legs. Or so I hope.

So knitters, this is my query: which shoes should I buy??!?!?!?!!?!?

Linking up with Ginny.  Reading Wishes and Stitches. Might as well finish the cheesy knitting trilogy…




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