Better Late Than Never

I had planned to knit this hat for my father. Last Christmas.

No, not LAST Christmas, as in the holiday recently celebrated a couple of weeks ago.

The Christmas before LAST Christmas.

Like, in 2013.

Sorry, Dad.

I got a little behind in life. The yarn was purchased on time. It’s been in my stash for a couple of years. I even somehow managed to lose the label, so I am unable to share its pedigree. It actually felt a little bit like a cotton blend, which surprised me. Current Me would never buy a cotton blend for a winter hat. Apparently my brain was different in 2013. Very different.

Dad said, “Knit me a green hat.”

Here you go dad.


It might be a little big, although I did swatch. I swear. I didn’t use a pattern. I just made up some random purls in my knitted rows for a bit of texture…nothing that could ever be replicated. It’s a one of a kind hat, all right. I feared I would not have enough yarn for 60% of the project (Classic me…worry for no reason). I clearly did have enough yarn for this probably-too-big hat. Plus a little left over.

If I start now, I just might get to the Christmas 2015 hat before it turns into 2017.


Needle: Size 10

Yarn: Gulp. Lost the tag! Mystery.

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