Better Prepared This Time

I would like to think I learned my lesson the last time I went camping and ran out of knitting projects. You see, that time, I got lucky. I knew there was a yarn store awaiting my patronage in Mendocino. I had Googled ahead. This information must have been filed away somewhere in the back of my head when I elected not to inspect my sock project prior to departure.

I knew there was a Plan B.

This time, there is no Plan B. We are heading to the super duper middle of nowhere* where there is nothing, should one be in need. No place to buy salt. Or butter. Or tin foil. Or any of those things you invariably forget to pack and can’t scurry off and buy at some random somewhere, at double the price no less. And CERTAINLY there is no back-up yarn store.

Thus, careful packing is in order.

I have wound a second skein of sock yarn…Both because the first skein might run short and I haven’t decided how hard I am going to try to ensure the gradients of both socks match exactly (two skeins might make that easier…). I have considered packing a scale so I can weigh both the first sock once it’s finished and the balance of the first skein to see if the second skein is even needed, but that might defy the whole concept of “roughing it.”**

I thought I would be Super Clever and pack up a second set of needles, recalling that this happened once. I went rummaging into the closet, only to realize (aghast!) that I don’t have a second set of size 2 needles suitable for sock knitting, not even of the double-pointed variety (which I was SURE I had…apparently the ones I was thinking of are size 3. Hurumph!). Now I am suffering from this insurmountable anxiety that OF COURSE my needles will surely break in some sort of horrific yet freak accident that couldn’t possibly have been predicted or avoided.***

Otherwise, I’m all set on the knitting packing front. Assuming I don’t forget to load it all into the truck. Which could happen.

But I hope not.

*The Smith River, which is gorgeous. Add it to your bucket list of desinations to visit someday if pretty, unspoiled places are your type of thing.

**Philosophical knitting question to ponder: If one is camping and “roughing it,” must one’s knitting also “rough it?”

***Don’t worry, I will pack extra wine to counteract the above referenced increase in anxiety.

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