Blueberry Waffle Socks (Pair No. 4)

Free Blueberry Waffle sock pattern. Off the needles. The last of the holiday knitting. My fourth pair of Blueberry Waffle socks. Even though I technically haven’t finished Pair Number Two.

Our little secret.

I used Madelinetosh Sock in Chicory. One of my favorite colorways (THE favorite Mad Tosh colorway yet, quite possibly). One could get lost in the rich purple-blue-grey depths. Very tonal. (I like that word: tonal. It has a nice sound to it.)

I was tempted to hoard these babies for myself. I really loved them, and I knit my soul into each sock, stitching frantically to finish for Christmas giving. It was close, and I whimpered a bit as I wrapped them. (The way a mother mourns when she sends her first child off to school.) I had made them longer than my own (itty bitty) feet, so they would have been too big for me.

Keep them, I could not.

I am going to take a rest from sock knitting for a while (i. e., two days). I was up to the wee hours swatching a new cowl, giddy with the ease of worsted weight yarn and 4.5 mm (size 7) needles. A welcomed change. All seems possible. The (knitting) world is my oyster.

With holiday knitting finished, I am bursting with new ideas for fresh projects, motivated to finish old projects, and generally just itching to knit something exciting and different. Break the mold. Be brave.

Using anything other than sock weight, that is.

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