Blueberry Waffle Socks

  1. Despite flurry of high priority, IMPORTANT knitting odds and ends that must be finished to complete various designs that have been in the works for way too long, you decide to cast on Blueberry Waffle socks with the Malabrigo sock yarn that has been eating at you for over a month now. You have resisted long enough.
  2. Note the pattern calls for a heavier weight yarn but also the casting on of 52 stitches. This just happens to be your Magic Number from your first pair of socks which irritably required you do to all kinds of math to adjust from a 64 stitch cast on. Rejoice in knowing you won’t have to do math. And, the first pair of socks fit perfectly. The soothing sound of angels harking in the background calms you soul. All is right in the world.
  3. Cast on using size 2 double pointed needles even though your gut is telling you to do the magic loop. Sure, many other (lovely, talented, amazing) knitters noted they actually preferred double pointed over magic loop when you drug everyone along for the ride on your last sock drama, but your instincts say magic loop all the way. You hate (okay, dislike) double pointeds.
  4. Decide to ignore instincts, be open minded, and listen to the masses. Hey, maybe you will learn something. Cast on with double pointeds.
  5. After 15 rounds, it is obvious Blueberry Waffles are much smaller than the last pair of socks you knit with a 52 stitch cast on. Hhhmmm. Apparently Malabrigo sock is not identical in gauge to Madelinetosh Sock. This must be why Knitting Gods invented swatching. Well, you always were a heathen.
  6. Fret a bit. Decide socks will surely stretch with blocking in a worst case scenario. Continue a few more rounds.
  7. Can’t stop fretting. Transfer to magic loop just to be able to try on the in-progress sock…Yep. They are tight. But they will probably work.
  8. Knit another hour. Then realize you have someone managed to mess up the simple pattern of Row 1 and Row 2: K*, Row 3 and Row 4: (K2, P2)*  by switching Row 2 and Row 3. You are totally sober, mind you. Not a good sign. You consider checking into in-patient mental health, then decide that might be a bit too drastic. What if they take away your knitting needles under the guise of personal safety?
  9. Frog project and rewind yarn.
  10. Cast on again, this time on size 3 double pointeds because you don’t have a size 3 circular long enough for magic loop. You figure if you are starting over, you might as well go up a needle size for a slightly larger sock.
  11. Spend the next four inches regretting changing needle sizes and wishing you had just stuck with size 2 after all for a tighter stitch, desirable with socks. But you are committed. There is no going back now.
  12. Hope for the best.


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