Casting On Rosemont

True to form, I am behind in the office Rosemont knit-a-long.

Of course.

I imagine my better half will bring the finished work to the office today, while I am only freshly cast-on myself and a mere one skein deep. (I can’t wait to see hers! I bet it will be super fab!)

I will say this: thank goodness for worsted weight. It knits up redeemingly fast. Casting on Hannah Fettig's Rosemont Cardigan from Home & Away

The pattern is from Hannah Fettig’s  Home & Away: Knits for Everyday Adventures, which I am obsessed with and adore. I already have brownie smears on my section (it helps me tell which page I am on…). The pattern can also be found individually on Ravelry here, although I truly can’t recommend the book enough.  I want to knit All The Patterns. Seriously. They are all so timeless and wearable and include instructions for both seamed and seamless versions. I am sticking with seamless on this baby. Seaming really isn’t my thing. Casting on Hannah Fettig's Rosemont Cardigan from Home & Away

I have so many great projects in the works right now. I am not sure how Rosemont will fall into the mix. My goal is to finish by December (no pressure!), but perhaps I will get this puppy off the needles in a couple of months. If I don’t screw up.

Or run out of yarn.Casting on Hannah Fettig's Rosemont Cardigan from Home & Away

So, if you want to join in, there’s time.

Rosemont or bust.

Simultaneous brownie and wine consumption required. Just to be fair.

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