Dimensional Tuck Knitting

Okay knitters, this one’s a game changer.

I promise.

And I don’t make promises lightly.

If there was an Oscar-equivalent award for knitting and fiber arts, Tracy Purtscher should win it this year. Hands down. Her new book, Dimensional Tuck Knitting, is nothing short of brilliant. (And, no, I am not getting paid to write this.)Dimensional Tuct Knitting reviewed by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

This book introduces a knitting technique that creates texture similar to cabling (and then some) but is SO MUCH EASIER and QUICKER to work than cabled stitches.


You don’t need a second fiddly needle. Nor do you have to figure out the secret to cabling without a cable needle, which I have previously struggled through.

I would say it’s magic, but it’s easier than magic. And much quicker, too.

I’ve tried fiddling with tucking stitches myself but never got it right. Tracy nailed it on the head. (Hint: grabbing both legs of the stitch makes a BIG difference.)

I’m not quite sure why her book hasn’t been plastered all over the knitting blogosphere. Her approach is revolutionary, simple, and achievable.

To explain it simply, Tracy’s book will show you how to lift stitches from an earlier row and connect them to the current row to make all kinds of neat textures. The step by step photo instructions make perfect sense, and the book includes lots of great swatches to show the potential of the technique (with charted AND written instructions), ranging from subtle to wild. The book also includes a handful of beautiful patterns.

WELL WORTH the $15 on Amazon, or a local, independent book store near you. Not to mention, the book is BEAUTIFUL and HARD COVER. Deal of the Century.

Trust me.

I’ve been enjoying swatching up some tuct stitches and applying the technique to an upcoming shawl design. I love the dimensionality of the resulting stitch pattern. Best of all, it’s entirely stockinette.

Dimensional Tuct Knitting reviewed by Andrea @ This Knitted Life

My only problem has been running out of yarn (because nothing is ever easy).

Fear not–I have a solution in the works.

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