Dolores Progress

After nearly two weeks off knitting due to illness/life, I was so excited to return to knitting Dolores. So excited, in fact, that:

1. I secretly willed a visitor to leave my home with my uber-powerful mind meld one evening just so I could start knitting. As in, please finish your darn drink and go home already. I have knitting to get back to! (What do you do when friends overstay their welcome?)

2. I picked my knitting up at the beginning of the lace section at the top of the first piece. It is never a good idea to start lace when I am half-trying to pay attention to converse with spouse. Even though I had read the instructions ten times, I forget to change to a smaller needle size. This makes the first row of lace so painfully slow. Everything is so tight! Oh! Yes. I forgot to change needle sizes. Good grief.

3. Then I messed up the stitch pattern one-third of the way across the first row of lace…but I didn’t realize I had frogged it until the end of the row…so I back-knit 200 plus stitches. Glory me.

4. Needle size switches and error fixed, I try again.

5. After four hours of knitting, I had four or five craptastic rows of mediocrity. Goodnight. 

6. Except I spent half the night tossing and turning and pondering…Invariably decide at 3:00 a.m. that I will do a life line, rip back the mediocre rows, and start over on the lace. Best to spend the extra time and have it come out perfect. Right?

7. During the next day’s painfully brief window of knitting, I sit down with extra patience…determined to rip and start afresh with PERFECT lace…then realize my stitches are so tiny and I will NEVER get them back on needles even with a lifeline… My lace doesn’t look too horribly bad. And I will probably make an even bigger mess if I try to fix it.

8. Reverse course and decide to proceed, errors and all. I will make this the back (the sweater consists of two identical peices sewn together).

9. Finally get the hang of the lace pattern…it basically enabls quick self-correction once established. Maybe there is hope.

10. Aside from the fact that my knitting slipped off the needles no less than three times when taking my work out of my project bag. And I can never quite those yarn overs back on correctly. Why can’t I just learn to habitually put large pieces away properly so they don’t slip off the needles when pulling them back out of a bag? It’s truly not that hard. Get it together girl. 

11. Finally, the first half is done. I might have an extra stitch. I am not sure. I can only recount to 255/256/254 stitches so many times before I just give up counting and decide to figure it out later. Why can I never come up with the same number twice when counting large amounts of stitches? 

The second half is proceeding a little smoother. Basically I have a big pile of green fuzz. So far. There’s still a whole ‘nother lace bit to goof, stitches to drop, yarn overs to lose track of…and the neck opening is obviously too wide…will require pattern modification. What will have happen if I add some seaming in addition to the three-needle bind off stitches? Will it match, or will the seam look weird (3/4 three needle bind off and 1/4 mattres stitch)?

At this rate, I figure I have at least another two weeks of knitting to go. I’m excited to see how it all turns out and of course, eager to move on to my next project. 

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