Essential Knitting Accessories, Volume 2

All the tools you need to make your knitting life easier-swifts, needles, and more!

Volume 1 is here, in case you missed it.

Knitting is about so much more than yarn. I finally invested in a few fundamental essentials a couple of months ago. My expanded toolbox of knitting paraphernalia has made my knitting life SO much better. I don’t even know why I waited so long!

A swift

I finally bought a swift! So many of you commented with suggestions when I wrote my first post on essential knitting accessories. There were comments recommending hand-made swifts, Amish swifts, and, well, all kinds of swifts. Thank you for the suggestions! In the end, I still went with this basic swift* from Amazon+. I simply couldn’t find a better price (much more affordable than the similar version from, and I had a tight budget. Reed and I have used the swift quite a bit, and I love it! I already had a second-hand ball winder waiting, so I didn’t have to buy one of those. (This is the one I have*.) Now my stash is all wound, which truly has made me even antsier to hurry up and knit all the nice, pretty cakes. Plus Reed thinks it is great fun, and he truly is a fabulous yarn winder! Never too young to train em’ up!

A good swift will save you SO much time! Hand spun yarn doesn't hurt either...

A needle set

When I last pondered which needle set to buy, I received all kinds of suggestions. Alina loved her Addi Turbos, Karen was ecstatic about her Chia Goos, and I had recently read that Franciose loved her Hiya Hiya set. I had been leaning toward the Addis. My LYS carries that brand, and I have a few pairs already that I love. When I looked them up on Amazon, I got all flummoxed over whether I wanted the long tips* or the short tips*. It was overwhelming. After a quick Google, I went out on a limb and bought the Chia Goos*. It was nerve wracking to invest in a set of needles that I had never tried. Not even once. But I trusted Karen. Plus, they came in at a great price, and included more sizes and cables than the Addi set. Hard to beat. I HAVE NOT BEEN DISAPPOINTED! I love them and wish I had bought them YEARS ago! They come in a great case with all kinds of stitch markers that I really needed. (Mind have a gravitational proclivity toward the cracks in the sofa, from which they rarely return.)

I LOVE my Chia Goo needle set! Like, almost more than chocolate!


I LOVE my Chia Goo needle set!

Stitch Dictionaries

I love stitch dictionaries. I use the free online versions now and again, but a book is so much better. I had a couple checked out from the library and finally came to terms with the fact that I was renewing them over and over again. So I cashed in a gift card (thank you, Auntie!) and bought a couple. I chose 750 Knitting Stitches: the Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible* and a Japanese one.* The Japanese one is truly enticing to look at and was worth the extra wait and shipping cost. I can’t read Japanese, but I can read the charts (mostly!).

Knitting stitch dictionaries are a must for every knitter!

What non-yarn knitting tools have you discovered lately that I need to know about! Please share.

*Affiliate link. Thank you for being you.

+I know Amazon can be a pitiful alternative to shop local, etc., but I have made peace with this. I live in the Middle of No Where and use Amazon all the time for basics like shampoo and cat food. Otherwise, I am driving two plus hours to buy this random stuff. Instead, I stay home and focus on growing organic food in my own yard and other groovy lifestyle choices. I FULLY support you (with great envy) if you have local alternatives for this stuff, at competitive prices. 

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