Essential Knitting Accessories

Essential knitting accessories that will truly improve your Knitting Quality of Life (KQL).

Oh knitters.

Yesterday on the way to preschool, Reed and I were listening to a children’s story podcast about a little girl having an adventure in the forest. The little girl just happened to be wearing a scarf. When the story was over, Reed asked:  Mama, will you knit me a scarf?

My heart pretty much cracked wide open.

Yes, my dear. I will knit you a scarf.

Like many of you, I reserve the large majority of my meager knitting budget for yarn. It just can’t be helped, and I won’t deliberate the matter further. I know you understand.

That said, now and again I come upon a knitting accessory that I covet but continually pass up. Because $XX for a (swift, ball winder, cute stitch markers, blocking mats, blocking wires, FILL IN THE BLANK HERE) could be allocated toward nice yarn. I can’t wear blocking mats, but I can wear socks.



I knew things had to change a few weeks ago when I caught myself stuffing a my cowl-in-progress in a paper grocery sack on the way out the door. A paper sack can serve many purposes, but it was a clear sign of desperation on my part.

We all hit rock bottom sometimes.

Lately I have made a few exceptions to my Knitting Budget is For Yarn Only Policy, and they have been game changers. Worth every penny. I am forwarding my discoveries on to you here, in case you also might enjoy the little knitting delights I have stumbled upon of late. (Note anything with an * is an affiliate link, which I wouldn’t include if I didn’t swear by the product and the competitive price whole-heartedly. Thank you for being you!)

Essential knitting accessories to truly improve your Knitting Quality of Life (KQL).

Knitting Pouches

I spontaneously bought my new favorite travel pouch from this Etsy shop  after seeing it on another blog. I had browsed Etsy before for such an item but quickly drowned in the zillion billion gatrillion options. I LOVE this pouch. It is beautiful, it is lined, and it will fit a mid-sized project. Probably not a full size sweater. Maybe a nicely rolled tee without the extra yarn. Definitely a shawl. I no longer need a paper sock for my knitting projects.

I also just invested in this small Go Knit pouch (mine is red!) for my sock projects. I aspire to learn to knit and walk. So far, I have only tried it once. It went okay, but it was in the early morning and my fingers basically froze off. I hope to have more luck with this in the summer when I am less likely to lose a digit to frostbite. That said, this pouch is perfect for play group when I can be quickly be up and down and have my sock in hand (or rather, on wrist) while simultaneously semi-supervising my child. It also lets me keep my knitting on my wrist and off the ground/table/bench without fear of a child impaling themselves on my size 2 needles if I were to unwisely leave my knitting in the wrong spot.


I have a very random assortment of needles. I hope to someday soon by a set, but I honestly can’t decide on which set to buy. I started swatching my Woolfolk with an older pair of bamboo size 3 (size 3.25 mm)needles. I knew right away it was going to take FOREVER an upgrade was required, so I picked up a new pair of Addi Turbo Lace needles. Typically when I need to buy new needles, this is my go-to brand, as I have found them to make a big difference. I estimate I at least doubled my speed. Seriously. Go get some.

More Accessories

I haven’t bought my swift yet (soon!), but I have my eye on this one. The price is competitive (lower than WEBS), and the reviews seem mostly positive. And as soon as I buy my swift, I want to invest in some stitch dictionaries. I have seen some positive comments floating on the web lately about this Japanese one, which I think is fascinating (although EXPENSIVE).

What knitting accessories have you stumbled upon lately that made a big difference for you? Please share!

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