First Socks Complete


Just in time for the first real rain if the season, my first pair of socks is finished, the last few rows knit by painfully dim lamplight at my mother’s house just as dawn broke. 

Hot tea. Check. Kitchener. Check. Ends woven. Check.

My weary feet will be comforted today.

I regret I didn’t pack spiffier shoes. If only I had planned better. How can I resist wearing them to work this morning, even if they are tucked inside my scuzzy sneakers? It is either that or more appropriate rain boots, and that would just be a shame…no sock visible whatsoever!

The truth of the matter is now I must go shoe shopping to find the perfect pair to best shoe off hand knit socks.

P.S. I will give them a good soak later.

Linking up with Ginny. Still reading Tell the Wolves I’m Home.

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