Five Free Holiday Knitting Patterns Just For You

Okay knitters. This is your reality check. It’s November. Early November, so the panic level should be at yellow (light yellow). But it’s time–time to start knitting for the holidays.

Start your needles.

You are probably scoffing at me and rolling your eyes because you are more organized than I am and started your holiday knitted the day after Christmas (or Hanukkah) last year.

However, in case you are a little bit more like me than you care to admit (overly ambitious, perpetually behind schedule even though you used to think you were an organized, on-the-ball type person before you had children, suffering from chronic sleep shortages, and generally not as high functioning as you wish you were), this is your lucky day.

I have five free knitting patterns to share. Just for you.

Ravelry is so amazing. So many (free!) patterns to choose from. You can search for eons to find just the right one. And, you can easily become lost in that one little (huge!) website for hours. Pleasurably so.

Let me spare you some time. Here are five knitting patterns developed by Yours Truly that I offer on Ravelry for free. They are yours for the taking. Two shawls, two fingerless glove patterns, and a baby hat. I enjoyed developing each of them, and they all turned out great.

Nikita Shawl


Super Easy Winterspun Shawlette

Quince Fingerless Gloves

Tatianna Fingerless Gloves


Maple’s Wish Baby Hat

These patterns were developed in my earlier designing days before I got all fancy with photography and graphic design, but the nuts and bolts are all there. Even if the font is just Times New Roman. There are worse things. As always, you can always email me with bugs and glitches if you get stuck. My email address is on all the patterns, and you can always find my contact information here. I would love to see how your finished projects turn out. Send photos!

With that, I will leave you in peace to knit away. There is no time to waste. Chop chop.

free knitting patterns

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