Five More Free Sock Patterns to Distract You From What You Really Should be Doing

…To be added onto the last eight free sock patterns I dug up last time…

You may find this list of free sock knitting patterns interesting if:

  1. You have realized you will never get your holiday gift knitting done in time (perhaps by 2027?), so you might as well throw in the towel now.
  2. You are NUTS (like I once was) and have ambitiously set out to knit last minute socks for holiday gifts and think you can manage this without landing yourself in the loony bin.
  3. You just like to knit socks.
  4. You, as with many knitters, suffer from cast-on-it is and like to start lots of projects (like free sock patterns) that you may or may not ever finish. Apparently you also have an endless supply of size 2 needles.
  5. The thought of paying cold, hard cash for a knitting patterns irks you to no end, considering there are boatloads of free patterns circulating the knitter-net, thank you very much.

Broken Seed Stitch Sock by Hanna Leväniemi

This is a free, top down pattern that has been circulating Ravelry for a while (publication date unspecified). The pattern notes “toe up will do as well,” if that’s your fancy. I happen to think they’re quite nice, actually.

Rye sock pattern by tincanknits

This pattern is also top down and free. It was originally published in September 2013. I just love this photo. I wish I was an octopus so I could knit lots of cute, matching socks for all my friends so we could wander around looking just like this. I mean, seriously.

Mustard Seed Socks by Kieron Pegg

This is a BRAND NEW pattern just  published this month (November 2017) and will be perfect if you want an almost-vanilla sock but can’t quite stomach only working in stockinette.

 Wonderland Socks by by Alice Bell

Originally published September 2007, this fun pattern is  perfect example of how things on the knitter-net (Internet) never die. Sometimes, they just live on and get Better and BETTER.

Pucker by General Hogbuffer

In case you really want to challenge yourself and raise some eyebrows, this one’s for you. This pattern was originally published in September 2012. There are some really fun color combinations on the pattern’s project page

Which pattern are you going to pick first?

Note photography rights and credit for images revert back to the respective designers and are shared here for positive, promotional purposes only.

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  • Reply woolythymes November 15, 2017 at 6:32 am

    fortunately, i’ve already made two of these….so I don’t have quite so many to cast on—–this afternoon!!! Thanks for being my enabler this morning!!!

  • Reply Stefanie November 15, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    I am scared to ask but I doubt my brother and SIL have worn the socks I had knitted for them, BUT…I think the cuffs are probably too tight for them to fit over their ankles. I learned so much from that sock knitting stint though.

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