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I have decided to offer four of my patterns for free instead of charging a small fee ($3.50 or $5.00, depending). The reality is they just aren’t being knitted on Ravelry, and I want people to be able to enjoy them. I hope they will get more use without the charge of a fee.

A few weeks ago, I was listening to the most recent Never Not Knitting podcast. Alana (one of my secret knitting heroes) was interviewing the ladies from Kitterly. One of them was mentioning just HOW MANY patterns are available on Ravelry and how pretty much anyone can offer a pattern for sale (or free) on the site without much quality control. They might not have phrased it exactly like that…But basically they were referring to all the hacks out there (like me!, I thought) and differentiating their products as perhaps more tried and true. And rightly so.

Anyway, I do put a lot of effort, work, and pride into my patterns. I enjoy designing, and I hope to continue the trade well into the future and my Old Lady years. I know I will learn and continue to grow my skills and experience with time. Until then, please know you can enjoy the four patterns below at NO COST on Ravelry. Just follow the links below.

A gift from me to you. I hope.

Nikita Shawl


Quince Fingerless Gloves

Super Easy Winterspun Shawlette

Tatianna Fingerless Gloves  






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