Getting Ready to Launch

The year has been off to a crazier-than-normal start–a flurry of work, remodeling and painting up to my eyeballs, and, now, packing.

It’s kind of like I am picking up in the middle of a hurricane, leaving the mess in situ, preserving my disastrous life like a time capsule of chaos. At least until I get home and the storm resumes. Paint, fix, work, and maybe sleep.


Well…it’s been quieter than normal here, which is a bit ironic considering I have BIG PLANS for this space this year. But, they’ll have to wait a bit. My New Year just might start…in April, I am guessing (hoping!).

Thanks for sticking with me.

I have, however, PACKED my knitting. I’ve got 1,600 yards (1,463 m) of fingering/sock weight yarn to keep me busy for the next 2 1/2 weeks. That should be enough for at least one light pink cowl (hopefully two), a pair of stripy socks, and a pair of orange Emergency Socks, in case I actually make it through the first three skeins. Or, in case I lose/break/ruin a knitting project.

Best to be over prepared.

My toe nails are freshly painted and bags are (mostly) packed. Reed keeps sneaking all his worldly possessions into his own little suitcase, out of fear we’ll never come home. Thus, I am unpacking at a rate not dissimilar to the rate at which I am actually packing.

Otherwise, I am behind on pretty much everything.

Returning calls? Nope (sorry, Grandma).

Cleaning the house? (Dirt? What dirt?)

Saying something to my child other than No, Did you pee?, Did you eat?, Did you wash your hands? I am counting to three and that’s it!, I said NO!!!

Also, no.

Like I said, it’s a hurricane here in this mad-dash out the door to the airport.

I so look forward to that finally making it onto the plane (a red eye, no less), settling into my seat, closing my eyes, and waking up somewhere warmer.

(Did I mention I LOATHE winter weather?)

The good news is I did manage to figure out a REAL Provisional Cast On for the first time ever, after having borrowed a crochet hook from my dearest knitting friend (I possessed known of my own). I goofed the first try by twisting my join (of course) and was off to a slow start. I still question the number of stitches I decided on (always! why?!?!), but I am moving forward anyway. Nothing will stop me now.

As to where I am going…

Keep your eye on Facebook and Instagram for clues. It’ll be like Where’s Waldo for Knitters.

I will give you a few hints, because I suck at keeping secrets. It’s warm (duh), there are monkeys, and people will be speaking Spanish/Espanol.

I have a couple little tidbits of knitting joy lined up for you while I am gone. Otherwise, it’ll be quiet around these parts. Just know I will be thinking of you as I sip my tropical cocktails and commune with monkeys. (I only hope the monkeys don’t scurry off with my knitting…)

Knit on, dear friends. Knit on.

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