Giveaway! Baby Yarn Galore!

I just got home from a 40th birthday party. On a Sunday night. With a band and food. A bar. Fully stocked. Half the (tiny) town was there.

Who does this?

Is this a thing now? Like having a wedding on a Tuesday because the venue is available or at a reduced price or whatever?

I just kept thinking: I have to get up in six hours and go to work. 

I am such a spoil sport. I ruin my own fun. When older adults look at children and say you are such an old soul, really what they are politely saying is you are a dud.

I am a dud. And proud. 

Can I get a t-shirt? 

Don’t get me wrong. I danced. And drank. And smiled as the mobs of pj-clad kids hopped about on the hay bales. I had my fun. In my bathrobe. (I swear I wasn’t the only weirdo who wore my bathrobe to the party…everyone did. It was the theme: bathrobe party. I promise. Actually it was pretty brilliant.)

Really I just pretend to be a Carpe Diem person. Mostly I am a get-eight-hours-of-sleep person. I am pretty sure that is two entirely types of people.

Now I eye the clock, wondering: should I knit a few rows? Or just go to bed? Do I dare? 

I dare.

In the meantime, this is a Giveaway post. The last of my stash-busting reorganization extravaganza. This time, it is the baby yarn. Babyboo galore. One lucky winner will receive both skeins pictured above for all their baby knitting delights. I have knit with both and have only positive remarks to offer. 

Here are the details.

Deadline: Friday, October 2nd, Midnight PST

Who: shipping to winners in the U.S.and Canada only. My most sincere apologies to the rest of the world. 

To win:max four entries per person. Four options: 1) comment on this post, 2) follow me on Instagram 3) follow me on Facebook 4) follow me on Pinterest. Use the side bar icons for social media links to This Knitted Life on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Each person can enter via all four options for up to four chances to win, max. 

Good luck knitters. May the force (yarn) be with you. 

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