Handspun Holiday Stockings

Stash-busting holiday stockings from a free pattern. Put that random yarn in your hall closet to good use!

I just can’t stay focused…so easily side tracked onto new projects. Somewhere, buried deep  in the inexplicable recesses of my brain, I thought it would be awesome to knit holiday stockings. Our current stockings are left over from my own childhood, likely purchased at WalMart in the empire’s early days, and lack sentimentality in every possible way.

I can’t even explain how it happened exactly. It just did. Somewhere this random, minor thought garnered some traction (it is possible this blog post had something to do with it…), and before I knew it, I was rooting around in the hall closet.

I knew exactly what I was after.

A friend had delivered a giant bag of handspun a year or two back. At the time, I said thank you beaming with joy, admired with glee, and then off into the stash it went.

I didn’t realize exactly how much yarn this friend had gifted. Unwound skeins are so abstract to me. Especially when it comes to handspun. I just have no gauge for that type of thing. A little? A lot?

It was a lot. Two strands woven together. One light. One dark. Twisted. From her own flock, no less. Six big fat balls of yarn. Six!

I don’t know how long it must have taken her to spin all this yarn, but I am thinking it is somewhere along the lines of Forever.

Oh, and it isn’t the least bit itchy. Bulky weight. Size 10 needles for me.

It didn’t take me long to pursue pattern options on Ravelry. I narrowed by needle size because I wanted to use my shorter size 10 circulars and decided on this pattern in less than half an hour.

It is really just a sock pattern. The math is nearly identical to the toddler socks I just finished for Reed…just a different yarn weight. I am about ready to start my first heel flap. They knit up quickly enough due to the bulkier weight, although the yarn texture isn’t the quickest stitching on my Addi’s. The handspun bites the needle a bit, and each stitch does take a bit of work.

I think Santa will be proud.

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