Handspun Tassel Loafers (Without Tassels)

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Fall only means on thing: slippers. Okay two things: slippers and pumpkins.

And wine and chocolate (applicable to all seasons, of course).

Meet my tassel loafers. The pattern is from Katie Startzman’s Knitted Slipper Book. I omitted the tassels. They aren’t really my thing. The yarn is handspun from our friend Beth

This is a quick knit for idle hands. Or procrastinating hands, as the case may be. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about slippers. Maybe it’s because I am such an indoor/outdoor person. One moment I am in the kitchen, and the next moment I am on my way to the garden or the garage (where the washer and dryer are located). I dare not wear my hand knits out of doors on the bare, damp earth. Thus, slippers must be switched for a non-slipper or simply bare feet, depending on the ambient temperature. Such a hassle.

And, no, I don’t wear shoes in my house. Just socks, bare feet, or slippers.

Rarely do I sit. Only when knitting during naptime or after bedtime. Or at work, which is office-based at this point in my life. Otherwise, I go. Going is my state of being. Like a honey bee without the wings. Or stripes.

Actually, I am nothing like a honeybee.

This pair came out a bit large for my size 6 feet…for the best fit, they require socks be worn underneath. Works great on extra cold mornings. There was a bit of sewing required after cast-off…Not always my favorite activity, but I survived relatively unscathed.

Linking up with Ginny and reading A Spool of Thread by Anne Tyler, but I can’t really get into it. Did you read it? Should I keep at it?


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