Hawaii Knitting

Oh how I suffer.

I am in Hawaii at present. The Big Island. The “rainy” side. It must be a drought, as I’ve seen only a few drops of precipitation.

Surely I just jinxed myself. It will now proceed to pour for the balance of our trip.

I am knitting another Twist Shawl. I loved my original so much, but alas it was destined to be a (late!) holiday gift for a family member.

My only choice: knit another! Just for me.
IMG_1316.JPGThe original Twist Shawl was knit with a fingering weight yarn. I am using something heavier now (Madelinetosh something or other…I am guessing Sport or DK…alas the tag did not make the trip, and the yarn has been in my stash for a couple of years now so of course I simply do not recall).

The heavier yarn has a different feel, but I like it. It feels like I am knitting up winter even though I am basking in 80 degrees like a turtle. I expect to wrap this baby up tonight but will wait to block and pin when I get home. Hopefully a new shawl will soften the blow of arriving home to rain, snow, and cold.

But I doubt it.

I think I will just stay here forever.

Have I mentioned yet it’s my dream to move to Hawaii and open a Little Yarn Shop?


More on that later…

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