Hello, Architexture

Note to self: next time a project is titled “scarf,” don’t assume it is small and won’t take much time at all. Some scarfs are quite large, as it happens.

Architexture* is finally off my needles and blocked. It only took three months to knit what I estimate to 750 yards (686 meters) of fingering weight wool. I would say Architexture would be more accurately labeled a stole or wrap. It’s substantial, nearly twice as wide as most of my other scarves.

I came upon Architexture* through Craftsy* when I joined their affiliate program. It’s truly a lovely knit, and I am not just saying that because I earn a small!!! amount of money if you happen to click on over and purchase one (or anything else on their dangerously fabulous site). It has a lot going on, yet it’s simple. Purls and knits with some simple increasing and decreasing for the bias shape. It’s quite clever actually, and aptly named to be true. Jennifer Weissman developed  a solid design with clear instructions. I had assumed the points at each end would match, but they don’t. Even after a good, strong block. This bothered me a bit at first, but now I am over it. It just adds more to the geometry of the whole thing.

Architexture by Jenifer Weissman. Knit with a very affordable kit from Craftsy in Cloudborn Fibers Highland Fingering, Lavender Heather colorway.

I was particularly fond of Architexture because it hid my mistakes well. You would think I wouldn’t have goofed so much on such a beginner knit, but I did. Stitches would magically appear or disappear when I absentmindedly neglected an increase or decrease. More commonly, I lost track of whether I was knitting on the wrong side or right side and spent twenty minutes fixing a mistake I thought I had made…only to realize there had been no mistake, it was all a fabrication of my brain, and I was a giant dork.


Architexture by Jenifer Weissman. Knit with a very affordable kit from Craftsy in Cloudborn Fibers Highland Fingering, Lavender Heather colorway.

Kits are still in stock over at Craftsy for $19.98 in a variety of colors. (Craftsy surprised me with Lavender Heath.) This includes two full skeins of yarn and the pattern! The skeins are 494 yards (452 meters) each. I knit a medium (which is no joke) and have half a skein leftover. For the price, the Cloudborn Fibers Highland Fingering 100% wool yarn quality is nothing to laugh at. If you are feeling penurious, this is a good knit for you. The entertainment to dollar ratio is on the mark. Either that or you could knit lace. (I have done both recently, and would offer you are less likely to lose your mind with Architexture.)

(Also, a note to folks with young children in their households: this scarf boasts a strange and potentially fatal attraction to small people. Store in a safe location!)

I keep wondering what will happen to the Yarn Along once Ginny pops, but I hope to link up this week, assuming she isn’t in labor. (Good luck, Ginny!) I just bought Mink River* by Brian Doyle at the recommendation of Steph at Woolythyme but haven’t gotten too far into it yet. It’s been on my list for a while, and I am eager to escape into it.

*Affiliate link. Thank you for being you.

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