Here a Sock, There a Sock

I honestly don’t know how I got hooked on sock knitting. I never thought it would happen. It leaves me worried that there are other addictions in life to which I never thought myself susceptible…but now, I just don’t know.

What if I also end up addicted to exercise? All the sweat? Mercy!

Or drugs? Do they allow knitting in rehab?

Skydiving? Couldn’t be…

There are so many dangers in life from which I have comfortably thought I was safe.

Above all that.

In control.

Staying in my lane and not making any dangerous maneuvers. Everything I thought to be true is now out the window.

Anything is possible.

Or, maybe this is just “A Phase”, and I have nothing to worry about.

My second pair of socks is off the needles.  Meet Blueberry Waffles #1 in Malabrigo sock yarn (Indecita colorway). They have a few imperfections, but all in all, I am pleased and my feet are warm. I learned a few lessons along the way (never do size 3 needles, I prefer magic loop over double pointed, watch for loose ladders between needles, picking up gusset stitches after turning the heel can be tricky but not impossible…proceed with caution!).

I have since cast on a third pair of socks (heavens!) which will be a holiday gift (NOT for my husband by the way…thank you for all the input on that matter...knitting his socks has been postponed indefinitely, at minimum until I source yarn that can also go in the dryer).  I am trying Crazy Zauberball sock yarn for the first time on a whim (the dangers of shopping online at I find the color changes thrilling, but the wool is more on the rustic end of the spectrum…a bit coarser, trending toward itchy but not quite. Based on my previous trial and error, I am hoping the yarn will be a good match for the Blueberry Waffle pattern (AKA Blueberry Waffles #2).

I have this sinking feeling I am going to come nowhere close to meeting my holiday knitting goals and should face the reality that I need Plan B for core family/friend gift giving.

I hate Plan B.

I don’t even know what that might be.

And, I am considering returning yarn to, which just feels kind of wrong to me. To return yarn?!? As if there is such a thing as a bad skein. But the colors just don’t feel right to me…always a bit risky to select colors online when the posted color photo doesn’t quite match the real color photo. I tried some Malabrigo worsted. My first time. I love the feel of the yarn, but the colors are just so Bright in a 90s fluorescent kind of way. Not my vibe lately.

Maybe I just need a different lens.

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams. Reading the first Outlander book on the advice of a friend.

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