On Winter

I know winter isn’t technically here yet (really?!?), but it feels like it is here. I can tell when it is time to get up at 7:00 because the light finally starts peaking through the curtains. Just barely. Mornings feel slower, unless it’s a school/work day. There’s just no hurry to get up and go outside. All that California drought weather the past two winters had me so spoiled. Now, like normal, it rains for days. On these dark, short days, the time just….well, it just goes.

I don’t think Reed even stepped so much as a toe outside from for three solid days. Too wet. Too cold. Ick.

Instead, we pass our time playing Play-Doh next to the tree, building with Legos, doing puzzles, making art projects (and associated messes) of all kinds, and reading. Always reading. Plus a few cartoons sprinkled in the mix. And yes, I knit.


I have been fortunate to sneak in knitting time whenever possible. Reed has been skipping naps more often, shifting my knitting time from mid-afternoon when he used to nap to night time, after an early bed time.

I managed to knit a solid six inches on my second holiday stocking while he was awake the other day. It was a miracle. Thank goodness for bulky yarn. I adorned the top of the first stocking with a bit of impromptu gold-threaded embroidery and quickly decided I will stick with knitting, thank you very much. I didn’t feel too bad about it though. Holiday stockings are as forgiving a project as a knitting endeavor could ever be. At least that is what I tell myself.


With all the cold weather, Reed has been tolerating his knitted hat more and more. I think it is getting a bit small. His brain seems to be growing, as evidenced by the litany of questions that he continuously flings my way. Where does the sun go in the winter? Can we make cookies? What is ice?

To be honest, I think I mind winter less as a mother than I did before having a child. Even though I still mutter profanity every time I dash outside to care for the chickens, change a load of laundry, or some other such outdoor chore (I just can’t help it), I don’t mind being cooped up with my child. We have fun. Time flies. At least on most days.

I know brighter skies will be here soon enough, (I reserve the right to have a different opinion on this matter in late March when it is still raining!).

This does not, however, stop from my habit of Googling daily highs in warmer climates. Just in case. (Today in Palm Springs, 70 F. San Diego 62F. Hilo, Hawaii 74 F. In case you were wondering.)


In the meantime, I am preparing to make (and give away!!!) holiday cookies for the first time ever. I won’t disclose here the inordinate amount of time I spent on Amazon selecting cookie cutters and coordinating sprinkles. Now all that’s left is researching recipes for soft-not-crispy gingerbread and sugar cookie dough. Perhaps icing as well. Why not? When we’re done with the cookies, I know Reed will have hours of fun rolling and cutting Play-Dough cookies, too.

Who wouldn’t.

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  • Reply Alina December 18, 2015 at 7:08 am

    Winter… I also have strange relationships with it… When I was living in Russia, I hated winter – the sun comes up at 9-10 and goes down at 4 – long months of dark, cloudy and freezing days… But the evenings were always so cozy and warm with a good book and my Mom’s pancakes 🙂

  • Reply pumpkin sunrise December 18, 2015 at 9:03 am

    I love winter and love it more so than ever, but I’m kind of weird that way. Unfortunately we will not be having snow this holiday week unless there is a Christmas Miracle. Love his hat and his photo shoot 🙂

  • Reply Stefanie December 18, 2015 at 9:48 am

    What fun you’re having with this handsome little one. As a fellow mum, I noticed the cute gap in his half smile. It’s so fun when their teeth start falling out like dominoes.

  • Reply Ady Grafovna December 20, 2015 at 10:14 am

    I learned to LOVE winter when my kids were smaller and being cooped up with them was pleasant. Being cooped up with a surly teenager is MUCH less fun in the winter now. HAHAHA!!!

  • Reply caffeinegirl December 20, 2015 at 11:21 am

    I hated winter for years, until I learned to cross country ski. Now I find myself hating this winter because it is too warm for snow!

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