Holy Smokes

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First, this little project is now complete. Thank you Grandma.

The head wrap/band (what do you call these things???) actually came out pretty cute. A little wider than I was after, but there is always room for improvement on Number Two, which I plan to knit up with some left over sock yarn, adding a lace panel across the widest part. Stay tuned.

Remember when I was droning on about how summer was slipping away?

Well, it sadly ended unexpectedly and abruptly about ten days ago. There was nothing gradual and subtle about it.

All it took was a little lightning, a few sizable forest fires in the area, and BAM. Meet Nuclear Winter. No wonder the dinosaurs went extinct.

The fires are far enough away that we are not in danger of going up in flames at our particular house (knock on wood), but they are close enough that we are smothered in smoke. Some days we can’t even see the top of our driveway (300 ft/1000 m). Even when we stay huddled in the house, our eyes burn. On the worst days, I have evacuated with Reed down to the coast to stay with my mother so his perfect little lungs don’t have to suffer. It’s hazy down there, but the air is plenty breathable.

The smoke has caused the days to be much, much cooler. The pool is suddenly chilly…Warm enough for a Very Quick dip when the smoke parts on occasion, but too cool to linger. I have broken out yoga pants, socks…even a sweatshirt.

I thought I had more time. I didn’t.

When the wind picks up, blowing out the smoke, it’s a mad dash down to the garden to rescue our oodles of tomatoes, clip zinnias, and hunt for eggs cleverly hidden in the pumpkin patch by naughty hens. I linger a bit in the sun, never knowing when I might see it again.

I wasn’t ready for this even though we tend to get lightning fires almost every summer to some degree. This year has been much smokier than most. It is the price we must pay for living on the edge of a national forest and wilderness area.

Smoke or no, I knit on. I must.

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