July Reads

The end of July! Already! Yikes!

It has been such a busy month–the best kind of busy. Days filled with grazing the tomato patch, watching cucumbers vine up their trellis, and trying to catch a squirming two-year old to apply sunscreen.

Also, can you ship cucumbers through the mail? I have plenty to share. So many cucumbers need a home ASAP. I guess that is why the powers that be invented pickles. Sigh.

Okay knitters, it’s time to share July reads.

The second best thing to knitting is reading about knitting, right? I had’t read any of Stephanie’s books yet, but after reading At Knit’s End and following the Yarn Harlot for quite some time now, I am a HUGE fan. I plan to read all of her books. Basically, I plan to read every single word this remarkable woman has even written. At Knit’s End was perfect for me to pick up and read whenever I had a few minutes to spare here and there between toddler tooth brushing and loads of laundry. If you need some good chuckles in your life, go buy this book!

I loved Eight Hundred Grapes. A great summer read. Light but not too froo-froo. Plus it is set in Northern California, and I love reading books about places I know.


I never would have bought The Invention of Wings because historical fiction doesn’t typically appeal to me. This book caught my eye on a whim at the library, so I grabbed it without much though asr I chased Reed down en route to attack the children’s section. This book was amazing, and I just couldn’t put it down. I haven’t read The Secret Life of Bees yet, must I most definitely will be reading it soon. This lady can write.

   I have all kinds of parenting books in my queue for August. I need to get my Mom Game going. Otherwise, I will need to find a military reform school that enrolls 2 1/2 year olds. Know of any? (Just in case…as a back up…) Please post any and all parenting tips below.

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