June Reads

How is it that June has come and gone? Do I look older?

I feel older.

Way older.

I just had one of those parenting fail moments in Target where Reed refused to sit in the cart or hold my hand, stripped clothes from hangers every time I turned my back for a millisecond, and then proceeded to run from me through The Entire Store.

Not to mention the yelling.

Oh, the dirty looks. All I wanted was a cheap pair of sunglasses because I somehow managed to lose my other two cheap pairs of sunglasses this month.

I would have just left, but I have been trying I get to Target for a month. Oh, the joys of living in the middle of nowhere.

And how is it that out of a hundred pairs of cheap sunglasses, I couldn’t find a single pair that was remotely flattering? I finally settled on a pair that are so ugly that they almost qualify as cute. Almost. Mostly they are just So Ugly. And twelve bucks.

I am never leaving the house again. Not until Reed is four. According to the lady at the Thai restaurant, that is when things supposedly get better.

It’s only online shopping from here on out…

I made it through three books this month. I was inspired to purchase Judy Blume’s new book, and the other two were randoms from the library.


Leaving Time was my favorite. I couldn’t put it down. It took kind of a weird turn toward the end that I wasn’t expecting. I could have done without that. Otherwise, I was really absorbed. It was the first time I have read Jodi Picoult. I understand she has quite the following.

I was excited for the new Judy Blume book. It was good but not amazing, and I am still not quite sure what the point of it all was. But are we ever sure of the point of anything?

I jut started a new book that I just can’t put down, but I will tell you about that next month. The intrigue…

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