Just Knit

Crescent shawl in the works using Madelinetosh Pasmina in the Kitten colorway. Simple is better.

Finally. After so much fiddling, I can just knit. I have spent so much time of late finishing projects, weaving in ends and blocking. And swatching. Oh, the swatching! Not to mention all the tiny projects–some baby hats and of course socks.

All of it is necessary, but none of it gives me the satisfaction of just knitting.  It’s like the difference between driving in stop and go rush hour traffic and just zipping down the open highway, with nothing but wild, undeveloped country out the window and Michael Jackson on the radio. Or maybe the Dixie Chicks. I’ve been so indecisive about music lately.


I’m knitting. It feels good. Even though I can’t decide if I am going to run out of yarn or have too much left. It’s a painful kind of mental pickle to be in. A very stressful kind of relaxation, if you will. I know I am sunk either way. The odds that it will work out just right are slim. A statistical anomaly.

This is why it is a terrible idea to ever just buy one skein of anything. I like one-skein projects as much as the next person, but really, what a horrible idea! It’s like tempting fate, especially if you dare to substitute yarn. Better to buy two and finish up with left over yarn (maybe an entire skein!) than suffer the stress of Will I/ Won’t I.

Never again will I just buy one skein. NEVER.

Unless it’s for socks. That doesn’t count.

I decided to pick my grey project back up, now that the colorful bit is all knit up and see if I can’t come up with the perfect recipe for a simple shawlette. Like the little black dress of knitting. No frills. All sex appeal, plus a eentsy bit of cozy soft sheen. It is Madelinetosh Pashmina, after all.

Now tell me this, knitters: yarn can be sexy, right?

P.S. Don’t forget, the Olympic Knitathon starts in one week! Are you ready?!!? Any and all knitting projects count.

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