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Knit Dispatch From the Road






It has been a beautiful, busy weekend, with much more to come. We’ve left the drippy weather up north and headed south in search of sun, arriving in lovely Monterey, California. There has been a bit of car knitting, a bit of knitting by the dim lit morning light of the hotel window while the rest of the family dreams on, and a little bit of Knit Tourism with a quick, quick, quick stop into Monarch Knitting  where I was able to touch my first Real Life Quince yarn. Such a lovely shop, bright and airy and full of all things dreamy and woolful. Husband lingered in the car with the sleeping babe, so it was just a quick in and out for me. Onward we traveled to the sunny, warm beaches with silky white sand that seemed to go on for ages, interrupted only by the craggy rock ledges of the California coastline. The adventure continues tomorrow, with the promise of more car knitting and sunshine. Knit on. image



15 thoughts on “Knit Dispatch From the Road

  1. I loved Monterey, big fan of John Steinbeck!

  2. Visit the aquarium in Monterey – it is amazing, wonderful for kids, and usually had great white sharks being nursed back to health (one of the only tasks in the world).

  3. LOVE these beach photos! Miss the sound of crashing waves so much – can’t wait to get back to the coast! Have a great relaxing time!!!

  4. If you get a chance to go back into Monarch Knitting, you can spend a lot of time! It’s such an awesome store and I wish I could have just sent my husband off and spent hours sitting and knitting. I busted my budget in there the last time I visited 🙂 We’re also members of the aquarium and love it every time we go. If you happen to wonder into Carmel, there’s an awesome knitting shop called Knitting by the Sea. It’s only about 30 minutes away from where you are now.

  5. Always a good time when you have ocean, yarn and family. Enjoy!!

  6. It’s so lovely there. I haven’t been down to Monterey for years. I totally went on alert when you mentioned its LYS! Your son is a cutie.

  7. I love Monterey, but managed to miss Monarch Yarns when we visited 🙁

  8. well aren’t you having a lovely little holiday! My daughter is in Santa Barbara which is way way more south than that (so I think….). Lovely views!

  9. I’ve been meaning to get back to Monarch Knitting. I think I might be able to convince the husband to sit there for a bit…. he has learned to knit and has found he likes it.

  10. What a great road trip! I love driving the California coastline and exploring all the cute shops along the way. Have a wonderful time ~ and happy car knitting!

  11. glad you are having a great time! I haven’t pet Quince & CO yarns in person yet either, they look lovely.

  12. ooooh my goodness, i would eat anything to share everyday with that adorable boy!!! three of my very most favorite things in the entire world, boys, knitting and the beach….do you know how much i love the beach??!!!

    i am a really good car knitter ;))))))

  13. […] sour cream. The return landing may not be pretty, but it was worth the pain.In cased you missed it, we road tripped down to Monterey, California, visiting the aquarium (twice!) and enjoying the perfect beach weather. It was a LONG drive with […]

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