Knitted Socks for a Toddler

My cutest knitting project yet. Note to mention, I used scrap sock yarn and a free pattern.

There was something about knitting these toddler socks that made me feel like Super Mom. All my parenting wrongs evaporated with each stitch.

That time I snapped at Reed a bit too loudly in the grocery store when he was insisting on grabbing a glass jar of barbeque sauce off the shelf?

Didn’t happen.

Or when it is bed time and I am EXHAUSTED and I say a bit too harshly: Go to sleep NOW.

Erased from the universe.

Going two days in a row without brushing his teeth.

Who needs teeth?

We’ve got socks!

I can’t wait to give these to Reed for his third birthday in a couple of weeks. I think they will fit…perhaps with a bit of room to grow.

I imagine he will be more impressed with his new play-doh trucks, balloons, and cake.  I know the socks will probably fall by the wayside. An unimpressive gift if you are turning three.
But someday in the not-too-distant future when he will inevitably taunt me with you don’t love me, Mom (when I have limited his cartoon intake, perhaps), I will pull up this blog post and remind him but when you were three, I knit you socks.

And that’s love.

Even though, yes, I knit the better part of one sock while sitting at a bar drinking a bloody mary. In the middle of the day. Because sometimes, my dear child, mom just needs a break. (To my defense, it was a slow day at the office and Reed still had a couple hours of preschool.)

I used this free pattern and my leftover yarn from my first pair of socks (Madelinetosh Sock in Shire). Project notes are here.

I have visions of knitting Reed many more pairs of socks…so handy to do with the leftovers from knitting adult socks. What better use for leftover yarn?

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