Knitting in the New Year

Knitting in the New Year. Resolutions for knitters from Andrea @ This Knitted Life.

A new year means new knitting projects. As it would happen, I just happen to have found myself BETWEEN projects at present. Reed’s sweater is done and I don’t have solid plans for much else. Although I have a pair of vanilla socks on the needles that have been getting loads of action.

This must be why some people plan ahead.

I did spontaneously work up a swatch of fingering last night, hoping the yarn I had in mind for this tee would do the trick. No luck. It wasn’t a match unless I want to do a bunch of math or take a leap of faith. Neither has much appeal.

I had harbored some aspirations (delusions?) of designing a color work cowl. I swatched up My Brilliant Idea last night only to conclude the result looked like an Easter egg gone awry.

It wasn’t pretty.

Trust me.

Not even a cool Instagram filter can make my pastel swatch seem hip and knit-worthy, let alone an entire cowl. (Even the Easter Bunny would have seen this swatch and quickly hopped the other direction, offended.)

I am not afraid to admit some of my ideas truly suck, convoluted somewhere between the Idea Stage and the Implementation Stage.

Future colorwork is officially on hold. At least until I can pick out yarn In Person. The computer screen just isn’t working for me right now.

Not only am I out of Immediate Projects in my queue… but… (gasp) I am kind of out of yarn. I have bags and bags of scraps and a spare skein of sock yarn. My hall closet is bursting with half skeins of this and that, sealed in Ziploc bags and not at all enticing.

I guess this means I didn’t do half bad on last year’s Resolution #1: Knit the Stash.

Three cheers for me.

Sadly my other resolutions from last year didn’t come to fruition, which means I can just add those back to the list for this year and forego the exercise of coming up with new lofty knitting goals that I may or may not achieve.

I’m keeping it simple.

For the time being.

(I give myself a solid week…)

In the meantime, here I am on New Years Eve with some gradient worsted (Spincycle Independence) from the last of my stash, my favorite stitch dictionary, and an extra sharp pair of needles. I am not yet sure what I am casting on. Maybe it will knit up to something fabulous. Or, as it sometimes goes, it will knit up to something dreadful.

There’s only one way to find out.

Happy New Year, my dear knitters.

May 2017 find you healthy, surrounded by those you love, and brimming with nice wool.

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