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Life Dispatch, Vol 2.


How are we here already?

December is such a big month for us. Reed turns five in a week! The holidays! It’s all here.

I’m almost done with Reed’s little sweater. I just need part of a sleeve and a hood. And buttons. The buttons will probably result in a one year delay. I just can’t picture what kind of buttons will work. You’ll have to help me figure that out. (I’m counting on you, Knitter-net!)

My lace top has been languishing as a result, which at least means there has been less swearing in the household of yet. Good news there.

I need to test knit my latest shawl design to make sure I didn’t totally flub it. I wrote it up (Holy guacamole! Always harder than I hope!) I need to give it a run through to make sure it works. If I can’t knit my own pattern…well, that’s a problem. (It did come out so beautifully though! Eep!)

Mostly I have been distracting myself with my new-found hobby: dying yarn. Yep. I’ve dyed some UGLY yarn, but I have actually had a few batches turn out quite nice. I am SLOWLY starting to get a hold of the learning curve. I figured since I don’t use my kitchen for much cooking these days, I might as take advantage of my stove top and further expand my crafty obsession. I try to brew up a batch of yarn most evenings and let it cool overnight. Operation Make My Own Stash.

Some people brew beer.  I brew yarn.

That should be a bumper sticker. Or something.

I am making my way through Knitlandia by Clara Parkes. I don’t know why I didn’t read it sooner. Have you read it? The first short story in the collection was basically reflecting on the old-school knitting days and the original uber-cool natural yarn dyers… And how they were all (in part) put out of business by the indie designers and indie dyers. At one point, there’s a reference to the indie dyers with their acid dyed yarn that was “affectionately referred to as a ‘clown barf’.”  It gave me pause, and I felt bad for a minute. I thought: hey, she’s talking about me. And not in a good way. 

But then I changed my mind. I am not going to feel bad about what I love. I like the beautifully colored yarn that fills my Instagram feed. It is so SUPER COOL and the ladies who have crafted it are AMAZINGLY talented.

So screw you, clown barf. Screw you.

There’s a storm brewing outside. I took puppy Finn to the beach early this morning so we both could get some fresh air before the anticipated deluge. The waves were angry and frothy. Attacking the beach. A winter swell. The water was a steel grey, almost the same color as the sky. The days are so short now. I have to really tackle each one to take advantage of the day light. It doesn’t last long.

But, more time for candles. More time for cozy knitting. More time to dye fabulously bright yarn.

Sometimes we have to make our own sunshine.

10 thoughts on “Life Dispatch, Vol 2.

  1. Great shawl! The texture looks like it would be so warm and squishy.

    1. Incredibly warm and squishy!!!

  2. Isn’t dyeing so much fun! I don’t have much of a set up but when I get the time I really enjoy it, and I totally hear you about the clown barf yarn…

  3. You go, Mom! Add that sunshine where you may!

  4. hope you are nearing the end of his sweater 🙂 lovely shawl and I bet it’s beginning to feel like the holidays!

  5. You know, I tried to read Knitlandia, but it was so not my style. And the comment you are referring to is definitely part of it. I understand that when there were a much smaller fraction of designers and dyers, it was easier to make a living doing this sort of thing. now there are thousands dyeing yarn and putting out patterns, and it’s harder and harder for anyone to make a living from it. But while I sympathize that it’s harder to make a living, I love the diversity and excitement that the industry has now, on a level that wasn’t there a couple of decades ago. More exciting and beautiful patterns and yarns exist now because of that diversity.

  6. If ppl are following their passion, more kudos to them. Five? Five? OMGosh, only five but five long years of growing and learning. He’s so lucky to have you as his mama, especially one who knits him jumpers. My teen wore her Flax today; I was very pleased.

  7. Oh and I did read that book. It was good. I loved some chapters more than others, ones I skimmed through.

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