Lion’s Sweater

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Reed takes his stuffed lion everywhere. Like, EVERYWHERE, everywhere. Earlier this year, we arrived at our weekend campsite to discover Lion was missing. Reed was so sad. But, we all got to celebrate a few days later when we arrived home and I came upon Lion smack dab in the middle of the green bean patch! Hurray. A quick run through the washing machine, and all was set right in the world.


This is actually Lion Ver. 3, which is why he presently looks extra fluffy and soft. Version 1 was inadvertently left in a hotel room in Hawaii a couple years ago before being replaced with a body double.

Version 2 disappeared in Target last month. Tears were shed by all. Replacement lions are becoming harder to come by on the Internet.

If I were smart, I’d buy a dozen of these little guys. Just in case. If only there were a dozen to be found…

Last weekend, Reed asked me to knit Lion a sweater. (This is after he was browsing the back cover of the WEBS catalog and hit me up to knit one of the little stuffed toy kits they were featuring…Also, am I the only one who receives WEBS catalogs in triplicate?)

How can I say no to knitting Lion a sweater?

And, who doesn’t love a little boy who reads yarn catalogs?


Before I knew it, we were diving through my yarn basket, searching for the right color for Lion. (This was also a good chance for mom to do a little yarn basket organization.) Reed initially opted for a sparkly Caribbean blue, but I persuaded him to go for a scrap of alpaca left over from one of his first hats. We’ll make Lion a sparkly sweater next time, I informed.

He humored me and enthusiastically demanded I cast on immediately. Apparently there was no time to waste.

I hopped right on my assignment as Reed hovered at my feet. This kid just cannot sit still. I was three rows in when I heard the first plea. Mom, are you done with Lion’s sweater yet?

As it turns out, the lack of patience is a genetic trait passed from Mother to Son.

Six rows in: Mom, is Lion’s sweater done now?

No. Not done yet.

Of course I didn’t have enough blue for the sleeves and had to resort to some random bits of brown and green to finish up this tiny sweater. Reed didn’t seem to mind. He grew all the more impatient as I fussed to join the colors.

Fiddling with the first sleeve: Mom, Lion is cold!

I had one sleeve on before Reed snatched Lion and the partially complete sweater and dashed into his room, content with the in-progress wardrobe for his little pet. I hadn’t woven in the ends yet and spent the next several days discovering Lion dangling around the house from his loose ends in various unusual locations. Just hanging out, wrapped around a drawer nob.

I kept asking Reed if I could finish Lion’s sweater. Or at least fix it. The first sleeve holes were too tight and it was difficult to get Lion in and out of his sweater.

I was persistent, but Reed declined. Instead he focused his attention on my yarn basket and selecting wool suitable for Lion’s Second Sweater.

Yes. That’s right. I have been directed to knit EVEN MORE SWEATERS for Lion. Lion, as it seems, is destined for an entire wardrobe more robust than my own. I know this because Reed has provided very clear instructions that I am to provide him with a drawer specifically designated for holding all of Lion’s future sweaters. AN ENTIRE DRAWER. For the Lion and his sweaters.

Will I ever get back to my own knitting again?

I the meantime, I did sneak Lion out of Reed’s clutches the other night, as he slumbered, peacefully dreaming about whatever it is almost four-year-olds dream about (Halloween candy, most likely). I tinked back to enlarge the sleeve holes and decided on brown sleeves for both arms, with a green neckline. With ends woven and satisfied with my motherly pursuits, I tucked Lion and his newly finished sweater back into Reed’s arms.

Then I finally started knitting on my own project. Phew.


I hope to see you over at the Yarn Along today. I just started The Royal We.*  I am loving my brain break so far.  

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  • Reply Bridget November 9, 2016 at 5:39 am

    I love this! At least Lion has someone looking out for him … 😉

  • Reply stephanie young November 9, 2016 at 5:47 am

    Shortly after my son was born I made him a Kanga. (This makes total sense when you understand that my children are named Christopher and Robyn). Kanga was to Christopher that Lion is to Reed. He LOVED him. loved loved loved loved him… death three times. But as ratty as Kanga got, the only way I was able to make this right was at Christmas time when Santa brought Kanga a ‘new coat’. There were many times I was actually rather glad Kanga was as nasty as she was…like the time she got left in the grocery cart. EWWWW. No one would have picked up THAT Kanga…..and yep. She was still there. Guarding the lower level of the cart. Or when she got left at the Albright-Knox Art Museum. That was a bit embarrassing reclaiming her…..but, if we didn’t, believe me, no one else would have. Enjoy this days. Luckily for me, Christopher was totally fine with a nude-y Kangaroo.

  • Reply pumpkin sunrise November 9, 2016 at 6:28 am

    gosh you should buy at least five to keep in the closet for when he misplaces the lion!! I love that you knit a sweater and look at how happy your son is 🙂 He is growing up fast!!!

  • Reply Stefanie November 9, 2016 at 11:30 am

    LOL, too cute. Yes, stock up if you can. My tween had this “Ducky,” a little, terry cloth finger puppet of a duck. She loved that thing. And then in a bad decision she decided she’d bring it on the Six Flags field trip during summer camp. Ducky was left behind. She was so upset but honestly, I had no sympathy for her as she was a fourth grader then. Now she’s hooked back on her Bear Bears, Carters half bear with a blanket for a body. One was bought on eBay b/c apparently Carters only keeps a design for six months. Her sister has five Teddies. She was given #1 for a Christmas and hooked onto it as a toddler. The husband told me to get more. I went to Brookstone’s at the mall and picked up another. He told me it wasn’t enough. We went back one weekend, asked the sales guy did they have any and he went into the back and came out with three. Daddy bought them all for his kid. She used to sleep with one at a time, then two when she saw her sister get to sleep with her two Bear Bears. Now all five are out. I tell her to keep them in good condition because we can’t find them anymore.

  • Reply Julie Crawford November 11, 2016 at 8:12 am

    Oh Andrea, I so know this!! First, I have to say Lion looks very handsome in his sweater, well done. Secondly I must tell you about Lila’s favourite kitty, named ‘White Kitty’ (white, the worst colour for a beloved stuffed toddler toy). I think we cycled through about 5 of them before she got a bit older and broadened out her toy love. It’s so sweet, but it’s stressful when they go missing!!

  • Reply Alina November 11, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    Oh, this is way too cute 🙂 And as always, I can always count on your knitting for a smile!

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