Madelinetosh, I love you

Now this may sound a little forward, considering we have never met. But Madelinetosh, I love you. Or rather, Amy Hendrix AKA The Force Behind Madelinetosh (TFBM), you rock.

In the past year, I have knit with nearly 13 skeins of Madelintosh Tosh Merino Light. That’s 5,460 yards, minus the leftovers below. Basically, with the exception of one large project, two skeins of the heavier Tosh Merino DK, and a random hat or two, I have ONLY knit with Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in the past year.

When I went to buy my yarn for my upcoming year’s projects, I prohibited myself from buying more and instead made myself buy other types of yarn…just to broaden my horizons.

It hurt.

I am not quite sure what got me hooked on Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light to begin with. I think I read about it on a few blogs, and I was curious. Then I saw some skeins in a couple of the local yarn stores. And I bought. En masse.

Then I went back for more.

I love all the colors. I swoon.

It knits so soft. Like yarn butter. But not greasy.


I did knit a Twist Shawl in the heavier DK (Williams Morn colorway). While I liked the DK, it wasn’t as touchable as the lighter Tosh Merino Light.

I didn’t even know until this week that Tosh Merino Light was superwash…Although, I must admit here, I have never machine washed anything I knit with superwash. I am too afraid. What if something bad happens? And I just can’t go back? Once it’s felted/shrunk/sad…it’s gone forever. I just don’t have the guts. That and I can’t keep track of which hand knits are superwash and which are hand wash…so they all get handwashed only.

Another example of my life devolving to the least common denominator.

My favorite colorway was Opaline. I used a few skeins for a Featherweight cardigan. I had a leftover fourth skein (I always overbuy…why?!?) that I used for my Twist Shawl pattern development and a cute little baby hat for a BFF.

I also bought four skeins of Alizarin. Three went to my Nanook, which came out a little too large due to my gage incompetence.  My fourth skein (of course!…more overestimating yardage requirements) went to my Nikita shawl pattern (now free on Ravelry!).

There was the skein of Golden Hickory for the two Twist Cowls. It’s not in the photo because I used every single last inch.

I purchased two skeins of Grey Garden at Websters in Ashland, Oregon, most of which went to my Super Easy Winterspun Shawlette pattern, also free on Ravelry. I have some leftover that will become someone’s cowl this holiday season. Never too early to plan.

The skein of Alabaster became my lacy delicious Tatianna fingerless glove pattern (free on Ravelry). Another skein of Tart was specially selected for my mom’s cowl. My mother is drawn to those rich jewel tone colors. The balance of both skeins are also dedicated to holiday projects.

Over 5,000 yards later. Here I am. A big fan.

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