May Reads

Hello lovely knitters!

I am typically a big reader…usually in bed with my IPAD while everyone sleeps. I love reading. It helps me wind down from the day, turn off the tv and knitting brain, and settle into sleep. For a few months, I fell off the reading wagon…but now I am back on. Phew.

Whenever possible, I try to select e-books available from my local library, but they are quite limited on new releases. Thus I sometimes end up purchasing a book on Amazon. Regardless, I would recommend all the books I read this month.

It took me a while to get through My Sunshine Away, mainly because I only read a chapter at a time due to time limitations. I finally got hooked and spent a few early mornings quietly in bed while Reed was still asleep, flipping through the final chapters with great intrigue.

The Knockoff just came out last week. I saw it on a list of recommended summer beach reads in one of the Glamour-esque magazines. I liked it and finished within a week. The plot was shallow, but the main character still had depth, which I appreciated. Good for a summer beach book.

I randomly came upon The Art of  Hearing Heartbeats on Amazon for a good price. I really liked this book. Apparently it was written in German and is just now getting traction in the US. Much of the book occurs in Burma, and I have always had a crush on that exotic and faraway land. I love books with international setting….allows me to pretend I might actually be able to leave my local county (yes county, not country) someday.

 I totally admit I bought Pretty Ugly because US Weekly claimed Jennifer Garner was reading it and loving the book. I ADORE Jennifer Garner. I keep meaning to get one of those credit cards she is always raving about (paid sponsorship) JUST because I love Jennifer Garner. And I HATE credit cards. My crush on her is simply that bad. Pathetic. Regardless, I liked the book. Snarky. I think snark is a highly underrated virtue and am constantly aspiring to increase my own talent for producing good snark. Slow progress thus far. Humph.

Of course The Girl on the Train. It was finally my turn on the library waiting list. I was fairly distracted when I read it and all of the sudden was pulled into the plot. It was very Gone Girl-esque. You’ve probably already heard or read.



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