Meet the Neighborhood Alpacas

Meet the neighborhood alpacas: Nicoli, Jedidiah, and Don Peru. Those are the males, anyway. The females are in the neighboring field. Sadly they can’t reach us to enjoy the tasty alpaca pellets we share with our furry friends that live a few houses down. There’s a silly fence in the way. Apparently fences are the secret to alpaca family planning.

As a knitter, I love sharing the hood with alpacas. Almost as nice as having a resident flock of sheep. Plus, it’s perfect for a toddler. We have our very own nearby animal menagerie to entertain us on slow afternoons. First we feed the alpacas. Then the horses in next field down (one officially named George and the other unofficially named Cheeser by Reed). We wrap up the petting zoo with a herd of goats at the very end of our driveway.

We enjoy all the benefits of farm animals without having to care for them. It’s perfect in my book.

Visiting the animals has been a routine of ours since Reed could barely walk. When he was really little, I would load him up in his wagon and haul him down the drive. Back then, he was too timid to reach his own tiny hand through the fence to offer up snacks to the alpacas. He’s braver now. And a Big Boy. The wagon stays behind as his sneaker-clad feet zip down to the alpacas, eager to say hello.

And the alpacas? Well, they are adorable. Each of them have their own personality.  Don Peru (center) is my favorite. He’s the shy guy. The other two boss him around a bit. I have a soft spot for the underdog. All three are glad for the treats but timid to pet. Every now and again, one will be distracted enough that I can get in a quick pet between the ears. So soft!

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