Blueberry Waffle Socks (Pair No. 3)



I have been knitting so many itty bitty sock stitches of late that I think I have officially lost my mind. As in, I drove away from the grocery store in the middle of a full blown mother-toddler meltdown (it was ugly) with my wallet flying!!!! off the top of my car*.

I am frazzled. Frayed. Nearing the end of my holiday knitting marathon.

I may make it over the finish line. Barely. But it won’t be pretty.

This will be me: wavering to the finish line, like a drunk zombie, foaming at the mouth, stumbling those final steps, before I crumble to the ground and clutch my knees in relief/agony/insanity.

Or, you’ll have to drag me out of a muddy ditch along the final mile, clutching my needles, wrapped in yarn, mumbling gibberish.

It could happen.

In the meantime, there is this: NEVER AGAIN.

No more holiday knits using sock weight yarn. And definitely no lace weight. I made that mistake once before. The recipient received her Christmas gift for Valentine’s Day that year.

Hey, it happens.
Free Blueberry Waffle sock pattern. Perfect beginner (or expert) sock knit!

On the bright side…

Blueberry Waffle socks (Pair No. 3) are officially off the needles. Ends woven. Gift wrap awaiting. Destined for my mother. I can only hope they fit.

This is the third time I have used this free pattern (which has it’s own hashtag on Instagram no less). The pattern works for me. I have it memorized and know what to expect, at least when I knit with Madelinetosh Sock. I used the Thyme colorway, ordered online. For me, it was on the boring side of what I usually get from a Madelinetosh colorway…very subtle variation.

Free Blueberry Waffle sock pattern. Perfect beginner (or expert) sock knit!

The first sock of Blueberry Waffle No. 4 is also complete (destined for my aunt), but a mate is still needed. This means I have two days to knit a sock.

Heaven help me..


*I didn’t notice until much later when I couldn’t find it anywhere…then remembered. A good citizen returned it to the post office the next day…joys of small town living!


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