More Garter Stitch Ear Flap Haps

There is nothing in life like close friends–the kind you can call when everything has gone wrong and it was probably all your fault…but they don’t judge and make you feel better anyway just by listening…almost as if they have reached through the phone and handed you a mojito. Suddenly everything is better. Those kind of friends. I have a special friend like that, and she lives so incredibly far away. Nine hours by car. If you don’t stop. Or an expensive, indirect plane ticket with layovers in all kinds of inconvenient places. We are plotting to retire in the same nursing home when we are old ladies. Thank goodness for Facetime. That’s all I can say. As you might have guessed, this particular friend is about to have a baby girl in the coming month. Her second. I am so excited for this growing family. I pondered knitting a baby blanket. But that would have been ambitious, plus I am not sure how much use it really would have gotten. Thus a baby hat it was. Plus a second hat in a slightly larger size for their first daughter. I really loved Purl Soho’s garter stitch earflap hat when I made the first two earlier this month, so I decided to make another two. Originally I planned to make them both out of the Classic Elite merino/silk blend in two separate colors. Matchy but not matchy. Plans went askew when I found a scrap of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light leftover from my Twist Shawl that looked like just enough yarn for the smaller infant hat. I just couldn’t pass up a perfect use for a small ball of super soft yarn in a feminine-but-not-too-girly color.  For the larger hat, I stuck with my original plan and used the grass green shade of Classic Elite (in real life, it is brighter and grass-greenier than shown in the photo). My friends are always looking for non-pink girl clothes, and grass green seemed like a good fit. Reed loved to model the toddler hat. I told him he could watch an episode of Little Bear if he would sit still and say cheese. Too bad it was so rainy out, and we were stuck with icky indoor light. Knitting March 15 042 The second pair of hats came out truer to pattern than the first two, only because I finally figured out the correct way to knit the sskp. Apparently slipping stitches left to right as opposed to right to left really does make a difference. Who knew… Sometimes my continental knitting style makes the instructions for decreases read opposite of what they should be…or something confusing like that. It’s an ongoing process to figure it out, but I will save that for another post. Or another mojito.

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  • Reply Erica January 26, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    I’m currently making this pattern in a toddler size for a friend’s 2 year old daughter. I’m afraid it might be too small. Can you tell me how old your son is in the photo?

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