How Much Yarn to Pack for Six Days?

Getting ready to travel with my knitting! One can never pack too much yarn.

I’m at the frantic stage of getting ready for a trip* where I realize I will only get to half of the items on my to-do list before we leave. Note the half I will likely not be able to cross off is associated with various elements of house work. The way I see it, the dirt will still be here when we get home.

My real dilemma is the quantity and type of knitting to be packed. As we all know, one must never run out of yarn while traveling. I’ve been there once before. Never again.

My brown socks will of course come with, but I was hoping to bring a second project in case I actually end up with some non-mobile knitting time (cars and planes) to really dig into a more substantial project…but not so substantial as to take up a ton of space in my carry-on. I settled on some purple alpaca that’s been in my stash for way too long (even though it is not on the Fall Bucket List I just wrote less than a week ago…never too early to stray, I say).

Except I have a problem.

I can’t figure out what to knit with the purple alpaca. I’ve swatched a bit (okay, a lot), and I am just not sure (plus my most recent swatch is still drying to there is some math yet to occur). I even went so far as to browse on Ravelry for someone else’s design during the wee hours of the night and nothing jumped out at me (criteria: US size 7 (4.5 mm) needles, 400 (366 m) yards, shawl, not too lacy, ideally modern-ish).

Thus: Plan C. A second skein** of sock yarn. Just in case I finish the first pair (totally possible) and the purple project goes south, which could happen will probably happen.

In all, I have decided three projects ought to get me through six days. This kind of confidence invariably means I will trip on the first day and sprain my wrist. Although hopefully not.

*We’re heading to San Diego to visit my Grandma. Watch out zoo, here we come.

**Note this skein of Crazy Zauberball is the LAST bit of sock yarn in my stash. This means I will soon have no other choice but to buy more yarn. It’s phenomenal, truly.

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